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Email marketing is using the tools of email to deliver advertising messages. According to a survey conducted by Pew Internet, 82% of U.S. adults use the Internet. Moreover, email is one of the fastest, cheapest and easiest ways to reach those internet users. Marketing email has changed from its beginning. It has become more personalized, interactive and more effective. To continue that trend and to drive brand revenue and brand loyalty, marketers should be aware of predictions for 2019.


Email marketing content should be more based on customer behavior. Knowing that in 2019 we will see this become more prevalent in marketing strategies. Capture from browsing, purchase histories helps to create a profile of a customer. Using excess data, marketers will more personalize email content.

The use of data in a deliberate way can deliver success. Using more data for personalization in content execution becomes a trend. Marketers should expand their preference centers for content choices. There is information about following browse, behavior and subscribers’ interest.

This process will get even more scientific as marketers push vendors for perfection. In 2019, marketers will continue to test AI platforms, while automating at a larger scale. This innovation in technology should enable marketers to identify better content combinations.

The Growth of Mobile Average Order Value

In previous years, the mobile average order value (AOV) has fallen behind its desktop counterpart. The reason is consumers who are less likely to make big-ticket purchases on mobile devices. In Q3 of 2018 mobile, AOV was $66.40 what was $20 less than the $86.20 desktop AOV. In 2019, that will change. In fact, Yes Marketing data from Q3 shows growth in mobile average order value for the first time in a long time.

In the year ahead, as user experience is getting better, subscribers will make larger orders on mobile phones. To take advantage of this trend, brands will need to get subscribers’ trust. Detailed product content, more images, and videos will increase customers interest.

A Rise of Interactive Content

A trend of interactive content will continue to take it off in 2019. Emails that contain games, quizzes, image or any way of “fun” are more likely to be read. They also allow subscribers to give an answer without writing a letter message. Providing engagement in emails relate customers with a brand more.

Interactive content can help sell or educate and entertain the user. Fun games are a good way for subscribers to use the mail. Therefore, faster brands that use interactivity make purchases.

Linked to that, chatbots are an interactive way to encourage subscribing to your email list. There is an increasing number of people use voice techs such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa in their homes. Some researches say more than 15% of consumers relied on a company’s chatbot in 2018. If your website chatbots can hit even some of the potential use cases, then they’re worth having.

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More Storytelling in Content

While interactive content provides value, the storytelling is effective in increasing viewers’ attention. Email can include a story at the beginning and the value of services or products in continuation.  

Storytelling can reach each marketing segment or buyer persona. Finding the right audience is where targeting and segmenting come in handy. Interesting stories maximize marketer’s email marketing ROI potential.  We are aware of the power of a good story and this concept will one more time show its full potential.

Let your content tell a story

Picture 1. Storytelling and Business

Quality Over Quantity

Proper shipping has become a serious marketing task. Due to poor data management, emails can end up in the SPAM category. In order to avoid such a useless outcome, it is necessary to provide relevant content. It is necessary to focus on quality instead of the number of emails.

Better segmentation, Email verification, and preference centers will help the quality of content.  In addition to reaching customers, smart marketers will better target new subscribers. Again, quality over quantity gets new subscribers. Instead of paying a standard cost per lead, model out your digital acquisition by appending the right types.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs in 2019  will become much more sophisticated. Furthermore, marketers will use loyalty programs to collect customer data.  Reaching loyal customers will make personalization better.

You can track the behavior and better understand customers needs. What time of day do they want to receive emails? What types of products do they browse and buy? What promotions work best for them?

Then, you can use this data to encourage subscribers to join the loyalty program. Furthermore, some brands use loyalty as a tool for receiving data from customers. This combination leads to greater engagement in the inbox and more revenue for brands.


Although email marketing exists over than 40 years, it has changed a lot. In 2019 we can expect more personalization, interactivity, and creativity than ever before. Having all this in mind, an email will become almost a ‘luxury’ channel. Customers’ email addresses will be reserved for relevant content. Email marketing will be one of the channels with the highest and fastest growing ROI.

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