Top 8 Productivity Apps to Help You Out!

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The selection of tools you use for your work can make or break your success against the tough competition. If your competitors use better productivity apps, they immediately have an upper hand. And it shows!

Everyone wants to achieve the highest level of productivity in their business operations. Tools and applications, in 2021, are as important in boosting productivity as a company’s workforce!

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With our help find the top-of-the-line productivity applications in 2021! With little research find out what productivity apps work best for you and your team and increase overall productivity!

1. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app, but with a twist of exciting features. Like other applications of its kind, it can take and store your notes on the cloud, letting you access them from any device at any time. However, the feature that sets Evernote apart is its ability to generate notes from voice recordings, images, and PDFs. Talk about productivity apps, ei?

Moreover, after you’ve uploaded pictures and PDFs into your note, their content is accessible by Evernote’s search engine. That means Evernote’s search functionality will search for pieces of text inside the images and PDFs and present relevant results to you. It also allows you to edit, annotate, tag, and export the notes taken. The application has been developed by Evernote Corporation, which is based (headquarters) in Redwood City, California. The application can be used free of cost under monthly usage limits and if you want the limits to be extended, you could opt for the paid plans offered by the application.


Picture 1. Try out Evernote search functionality for yourself!

2. Google Recorder

As the name suggests, this application is a voice recorder — but with a twist! Google Recorder can auto-transcribe your speech while you’re recording. Moreover, after you’re done with the recording, you can search for phrases and words inside the recording using the search functionality. Here’s a fun fact: Google Recorder can also identify laughter and other emotional behaviors from the recordings.

Google Recorder doesn’t require any internet connection to be fully operational. All the features are available offline for any device. It could be of great help when preparing for a speech. It also helps you through lengthy lectures by tagging the keywords in the transcripted text and therefore making navigation easy. It can even tag audios around you and make it easy to find them when required. The transcription and search feature works only for the English language (for now).


Picture 2. Google recorder is a great helper when preparing a speech


Finding it difficult to pronounce? Try rhyming it with “gift”! IFTTT stands for “If this, then that”. It’s a shortcut tool that lets you create handy shortcuts for different daily tasks. For example, you can set up a shortcut “if someone tags me on Facebook, save the tagged photo in my Google Drive”.

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Letting IFTTT handle simpler tasks like these gives you more time to get more important things done. The application has been developed by IFTTT Inc. It is functional only in the English language. You can choose to create programs with this application or can even control the application with an iOS or Android application. IFTTT partners with several companies and service providers which makes it easier to fetch information and notification and respond accordingly. And of course, like all other productivity apps, this one helps you do just that- be productive!


Picture 3. Check out more info about IFTTT in their guide

4. MASV Transfer

This tool’s name demonstrates what it actually does; it helps you share “massive” files with your colleagues. MASV is a file-sharing application built around a simple functionality to let you share large files with your colleagues, faster. This sharing platform is built around the idea of being simple and effective at the same time. MASV provides a maximum download speed of 1Gbps! Moreover, there’s no file-size limit on sharing; you can share multi-terabyte files and folders with ease!


Picture 4. Don’t lose time on slow uploading platforms

5. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is often considered the best friend of customer service and support agents of various industries. This tool lets you remotely access someone else’s computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.

You can use remote access for various purposes. For example, to help your colleagues with a workflow problem; to assist your customers with your products; to troubleshoot an issue in someone’s computer; and much more! Once there is a connection setup between two remote computers, both the users can access each other’s screens, send and receive files and even share a clipboard. TeamViewer application does not charge any money for usage and is for noncommercial use. The application has been developed by TeamViewer AG.

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Picture 5. Remote work times call for remote measures!

6. Gboard

Gboard is a typing application by Google, available on Android and iOS. With Gboard, you can type by swiping your finger on the keyboard, rather than pressing each key individually. Gboard has quick suggestions and text completion features, enabling you to generate emails, notes, and documents, faster on your mobile phone — saving you time and boosting your productivity. It even allows you to send emojis and gifs, judging by the mood of your text. It operates in several languages and comes in different themes like the dark theme.


Picture 6. Don’t type, glide! Download

7. RescueTime

RescueTime is an application that tracks and keeps a record of your usage habits. While you’re on your computer, it monitors which applications you’re using, which websites you’re visiting. Also, how much time you’re spending on each of them and therefore is a great addition to your collection of productivity apps!

You can categorize different applications into various productivity levels. When you need to focus and get things done, it can block distracting applications so you won’t be able to access them. It helps the user in saving their time and investing it in activities that could be more productive. It even gives you insights into how you are spending your time offline in meetings or calls. RescueTime is a digital wellness application which allows you to live a more productive life!


8. LastPass

Let’s be honest: managing your passwords on different websites and services is a nightmare. Whether it’s creating a combination of 16 unique characters for every website, remembering them, or inputting them on different devices. It wastes a lot of time and ultimately, productivity suffers.

LastPass is arguably the best password manager available on the market today. It lets you create secure, strong passwords for every service you use. It stores them on encrypted cloud storage and logs you into the respective service with a tap. Moreover, it can also store other credentials for quick form completion. LastPass is supported by android and also has a web interface to make its use easy. It was developed by LogMeIn. The application protects all the data stored in it along with the passwords and credentials with a master password. It is like a secure vault with a magic mantra.


Picture 8. Keep your passwords in one place!


Getting more things done in a shorter period is a primary goal of business personnel. By utilizing the tools mentioned above, you can save time and make sure you’re performing at your best. The productivity apps mentioned above could assist you and help you produce better output with ease.

Find what works for you!

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