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The concept of remote work was disregarded a few years ago. Entrepreneurs and companies never thought about the convenience of working from home. However, the modern age has proven them wrong. Companies and businesses have started to hire remote employees to boost their commercial activities. A person can work from the comfort of their home while having a cup of coffee and sitting miles away from the head office. 

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Different collaboration tools have emerged with the advancement of the remote culture. They have been designed to facilitate companies and their remote employees. Such tools offer hassle-free teamwork and opportunities for teammates to communicate with each other regardless of distance. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the ten best-performing collaboration tools to run a remote company with great convenience.

10 Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

1. Slack

Slack is definitely one of the most spectacular collaboration software available at the moment. Millions of people who work remotely prefer using this particular tool to stay in touch with their colleagues. And, equally important, to run business operations smoothly. It offers many wonderful features for remote workers. You can create different channels as per the company requirements. For example, a business may need channels such as logistics, chat support, marketing, catalog, and admin. In order to stay organized, Slack keeps conversations separate for each section. You can turn on notifications for relevant channels and switch off for the irrelevant ones.

Furthermore, Slack can easily be integrated with other services and apps you already use for better productivity. Every team member can quote a message and respond to it. You can also react to any message using built-in emojis. A dedicated search bar is available to search for a specific conversation that you missed out on. It uses a clean and distraction-free interface to make the chat easy. You can always share files with colleagues and stay on top of company updates. And you can also talk privately using the private message option.

2. Dropbox

This software doesn’t need a special introduction, since it has been making our lives easier for over a decade. It has reached over half a billion users all over the world and the numbers keep on growing.

Its use is quite simple and conveniet – it’s a software, which is super efficient in transferring and storing information on the cloud. As such it’s amazing for any kinds of remote collaborations. Its main features are online back-up and recovery, file storage automatic organization and back-up, activity audit, team folder manager, external sharing and you can use it on your cell phone. Perfect when you need to share tasks with a remote team.

3. Asana

Completing projects in a timely manner is no more a headache now. Asana has unified features to make collaboration easier than before. This team collaboration software is no less than a blessing for remote workers. Above all, it keeps all team members focused on achieving their company goals. 

You can easily structure work in a customized way. And, equally important, you can set deadlines and priorities. The application makes it easier to share details among team members. Moreover, easier to assign them different tasks in an organized manner. It lets you track all projects through each stage. In this way, all team members know the exact condition of the work in progress.

The ease of use makes Asana significantly popular among remote teams. Company management can monitor the workload of all workers and reassign tasks when needed. It offers compatibility with more than a few integration tools. Including MS Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Gmail. It comes with a free basic plan, and pricing starts from $10.99/month. They have different pricing plans based on company needs. You can select any of these in accordance with your business requirements. Remember, paid plans offer academy training and priority support.

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4. Jira

Next among these collaboration tools is Jira. Developed by the Australian software development company Atlassian, Jira is an exceptional project management tool for all business sizes, indeed. It is an ideal program for software development and IT companies. It helps in planning software, creating it and tracking its development processes. Furthermore, you can create a workflow based on your personalized requirements. The easy customization makes this particular tool famous among developers and IT workers. One of the most outstanding things about Jira is its integration capabilities with more than three thousand applications. And plus integration with third party services. 

As can be seen, a thousands of software companies are using this tool to release productive software programs for different purposes. Small teams can use Jira for free. Big corporations can opt for a suitable plan to collaborate with their team members remotely. Jira is made for all teams, regardless of their experience. Startups, non-profit organizations, small teams, and even large companies can start using Jira for ultimate productivity. Keeping your project under lock and key is essential. This collaboration software understands the importance of secrecy. Above all, that’s the reason it keeps your entire communication perfectly secure.

5. Trello

Trello has its own exclusive significance when it comes to talking about team communication and visual productivity. It’s a flexible, influential, and simple software to manage your projects. You can use boards, lists, and cards to organize different projects. And you can track them properly through completion. It offers the possibility to prioritize tasks, set due dates, and add exciting color labels. Remote workers can enjoy the ability to track tasks from the beginning to the end.

Different users can build their profiles and set profile pictures to get identified among other teammates. Trello is really a fun way to achieve business goals while working from home. Many educational institutions and students also use this particular tool for tracking and completing their assignments. If you are struggling with academic writing, an important source can assist you in the right way. Just like other software programs, the basic plan comes free.

Collaboration Tools Trello

Picture 1. Trello

However, a limited number of users can use the free plan. You will be able to use restricted features. On the contrary side, remote users can take pleasure in using the unlimited boards, file attachments, and app integrations by opting for the paid plan. It begins at $9.99/month. But most importantly, you can select a plan that’s feasible for your business needs.

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6. Basecamp

Basecamp is another fantastic tool among these collaboration tools. It’s pretty famous among agencies, team managers, and freelancers. Why? Because of its simplicity and elegant design. It offers a clear way to stay in touch with the entire team so that they can collaborate and achieve business goals in a timely manner. Remote workers declare Basecamp as one of the most productive software for team communication and project management. Most compelling evidence are several renowned companies who use this particular computer program. Why? To manage their projects and cooperate with their remote workers. 

Basecamp is not just a project management tool. It offers a variety of features such as To-dos, message board, sharing docs, scheduling tasks, automatic check-ins, and group chat. All features are easily accessible by team members. You will see automatic check-in questions so that you can plan a productive week. Due dates can be set for tasks and work in progress can be tracked easily. It’s definitely a great choice for individuals, managers, and owners working remotely.

7. ProofHub

A complete package for remote teams, ProofHub lets you do a little extra due to its comprehensive project management features. It keeps all the team members connected in real-time. And it allows them to communicate with each other through proper channels. The best thing about ProofHub is its ability to share docs and files instantly. Remote workers who need a fast teamwork tool at a low price can opt for this one without a second thought. It brings all features to plan, organize, collaborate, and deliver the company’s projects on time. If you want your team to work smartly without any delays, then ProofHub can be a good option to select.

Collaboration Tool Proofhub

Picture 2. ProofHub

Hundreds of home-based employees use this project management tool to achieve business objectives. All users can easily personalize their ProofHub account and get the ultimate control over their tasks. Not to mention that you don’t have to switch between tabs, everything can be managed at one place. The Kanban board lets you visualize different task stages to get a better idea of workflows.

8. Zoom

Zoom is an ideal software for staying in touch with all remote team members. It allows seamless connectivity through voice and video calling. Instant messaging is also available for quick chats and heads up. In most of the cases, companies use Zoom to schedule video conferencing. All remote workers can join the rest of the team through seamless video calling and share their ideas regarding a project. This is simply adorable for online training, meeting, and technical support. Many digital agencies use Zoom for webinars and marketing events.

Aside from video calling, it allows quick file sharing and messaging to facilitate the process of collaboration. Zoom has gained positive feedback from customers due to consistent performance. Another reason to opt for this particular tool is its straightforward pricing and affordability. In fact, the world’s leading companies use Zoom to see and talk to their distant employees. If you need a reliable video conferencing app that works consistently for all remote workers, then Zoom can be an effective solution.

9. InVision

Designers always need something meaningful to express their concepts. InVision app is made for those remote companies who want to create outstanding designs together. It allows creating interactive prototypes that communicate with each other in a seamless way. You can get feedback regarding your design and make improvements where needed. Thousands of designers from all around the world use InVision to create wonderful designs. Furthermore, you can always experiment with designs and test them for efficiency. 

It offers a digital whiteboard to visualize the amazing ideas of all team members. You can easily draw or sketch anything and get a quick response to your design. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most powerful design collaboration tools available in today’s world. A remote designer can animate transitions and instantly turn imagination into productive screen designs. Get your design assignments done rapidly to achieve high productivity.

10. Google Drive

No one can deny the importance of the Google Drive app when it comes to talking about the remote team collaboration. It serves as a great place to manage all digital files and share them with the rest of the team members. It’s not less than a blessing for remote workers because they can easily access files whenever required.

You can create files and share them with the relevant person. People working remotely from different parts of the world find it a wonderful application for better output. You can get feedback regarding different files. And you can also communicate with each other using Google Drive’s built-in chat feature.

Final Thoughts 

To summarize, good collaboration is the lifeblood of a company that wants to keep its remote workers together. A business cannot achieve set goals without individual output from all team members. Companies have started to allow their workers to work remotely as its very facilitative for both parties. 

Today, the world is taking advantage of remote working. The modern collaboration tools and software programs make it simple for geographically dispersed folks to collaborate, communicate, and complete tasks in an efficient way. The aforesaid collaboration tools have proved their worth to freelancers and gained popularity across the globe. Above all, they can be very helpful in achieving common business goals through continuous collaboration among teammates.

Jeff Blaylock is a marketing strategist and productivity analyst with years of experience in the business industry. He loves discovering the latest collaboration tools to facilitate remote workers. Jeff writes helpful guides to help tech companies achieve their objectives.

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