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Pinterest gives you ideas for how to make everyday life easier, tastier and even more colorful. It’s the world’s catalog of ideas. If you are not using Pinterest for your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Pinterest is one of the best places to drive traffic and it’s a hot place for buyers. Most of the users, even 60% of them, are women, and women tend to spend more money.

So, say “Hi” to your new business friend – Pinterest. It’s free and easy!

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The percentage of shoppers that picked Pinterest as their favorite social media platform

Picture 1. Over 50% of shoppers picked Pinterest as their favorite social platform

Overall, traffic is greater on Pinterest than Youtube, LinkedIn and Google+ put together. More than 50% of people prefer Pinterest over sites like Facebook to follow things that they like. So, If you still think Facebook and Twitter are the be-all and end-all of social media marketing tools, think again.

Who’s on Pinterest?

There are 335+ million monthly active users of Pinterest, whereas more than 70 million monthly users are from the US. Studies show that people use Pinterest for different reasons: looking for style inspiration, finding recipes, parenting hacks, seeking out ideas about new products to buy. They create wish lists or pin-up boards of things they want to purchase.

According to Newsroom, only Facebook outranks Pinterest in terms of influencing U.S. social media users’ purchasing decisions. Almost a quarter of Pinterest users (called “Pinners”) will purchase an item after seeing it on the site. Pinners are excited to see posts from brands in their feeds, which inspires businesses to use it for marketing purposes.

Pinterest Glossary

Pinterest is a little different from the other social networks, so before we proceed with the benefits of using Pinterest for business, here’s a quick overview of its key terms.


It’s simply an image or a video that someone picks to save. For businesses, rather than an image, more relevant is the link as it refers directly to the original source.

Rich Pins

They are the best direct strategy for growing your sales in the Pinterest sphere. Full of valuable, traffic-generating information, they provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin.

Obviously, there is a reason they are called “Rich Pins.” There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article. For example, Product Pins give pricing info, while Article Pins would be perfect for a blog.

Buyable pins

Allowing to take your Product Pins a step further by syncing your web store to your Pinterest account. They rely heavily on the “Ooh, I want that!” part of our brains that, to our detriment, we all posses. From the Pin itself, a Pinner can click “Add to bag” and then head to checkout without ever leaving Pinterest.


Pinners pin a lot of stuff, an incredible 175 billion Pins to date.

In order to keep them organized, you can sort them into collections called boards. Pinners can follow either your whole profile or only the specific boards of their interest.


It’s just like a feed on any other social network — a collection of content and links from boards and users that the Pinner has followed.

Pinterest Business Page Benefits

According to Adweek, there are more than 1 million businesses on Pinterest with more than 10,000 brands that have buyable pins. Pinterest for Business is different from your personal account, though.

Their community has grown to more than 250 million people around the world using Pinterest every month.

With a business account, you get:

Different Terms of Service. The terms of service are a little bit different for a business, so be sure to read through them.

Educational Marketing Materials. Pinterest doesn’t just give you the platform, they are creating educational marketing materials to teach you how to maximize its effectiveness for marketing your business.

Pinterest Analytics. When you verify your account, you get access to important tracking information.

Rich Pins. There are five different types of Rich Pins loaded with more information than your average pin for serious sales power.

The number of brands taking advantage of Pinterest rich pins

Picture 2. The number of brands taking advantage of rich pins

The Promise of New Tools. As of right now, that includes Promoted Pins, Pin In Button and the Widget Builder.

Different Settings. You get to use your business name instead of the typical First + Last Name formula.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Follow these strategies, learn from the engagement you get and grow your Pinterest Business. That way your account will develop and attract the target audience.

Engage Pinners

Let’s imagine you opened the store. You probably wouldn’t just quietly open your doors one day with no promotion and wait for your business to grow.

You’d rather create a plan to make sure that you interacted with members of the community.

It works the same with Pinterest for business. In order to enhance the content you’re creating, engage with your audience. If you are a local business, foster a sense of an online community by following other businesses in your area.

Follow boards or accounts from relevant but non-competitive brands in your industry. Go outside of your own services and pin things that might be of interest to your customers.

Find top pinners and re-pin/follow/comment on their posts.

Make sure to be active, like and engage with Pins related to your niche. Pinterest recommends to Pin something at least once per day, during peak times — evenings and weekends for US based brands. For best results, aim to pin between 5-30 new items a day, depending on the number of active Pinterest boards you maintain.

Also, if you are about to post a large number of posts over the week, divide them and post several posts per day rather than all at once. Don’t pin all 30 new pins within a 5-minute span. Consistency is the key.

Pinterest introduced a Secret Board, so you can collect pins for later and pin them throughout the day. This is a time saver and a great way to organize your content.

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Personalize your brand

Pinterest is a quite casual platform where people write and pin candidly. Moreover, once quick perusal of Pinterest, and it’s clear how visual the site is. With such an emphasis on the visual impact, your images are the cornerstone of any pin you share.

So, move beyond the standard profile and take your brand up a notch by adding a few custom touches. Think about creative ways to showcase your product and your brand visually. It’s a wonderful opportunity to integrate a more personalized brand voice into your business Pinterest page.

Therefore, dip your toe into some brand marketing research and get to know your customers, they are ones repinning and following you. Take note of what you notice trending on your competitors’ pages and which pins perform the best.

Use analytics to improve results

Lastly, analyze all of your hard work. To fine-tune your strategy use the information from Pinterest Analytics to create a more successful future strategy. You can access Analytics directly from your profile by clicking the Analytics tab on the top left of the screen.

It provides important information about what types of content perform best on the network, so you can tweak and improve your Pinterest for business results over time. You’ll be able to see which Pins are most popular and which drive the most traffic to your site. That way you can focus on the metrics that matter the most to your brand.

To wrap it all up, here is a small list of tools which might help your Pinterest business.

4 Tools to Leverage Pinterest and Drive Traffic

Pinstamatic – Allows you to post sticky notes, quotes, Twitter profiles, website overviews, etc. And it’s free. This is by my favorite Pinterest tool for creating amazing content.

PinAlerts – Kind of like Google Alerts – you can get notified when someone pins something from your site.

Pinerly – Analytics that tells you how many actually click through your re-pins and to your website.

Share as Image – Allows you to convert text on a website into an image that you can post on Pinterest.

Now that you have a better insight into Pinterest for business, sign up for a business account and start sharing all your favorite content!

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