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There isn’t a business that could survive without customers. They are the foundation of your business, giving you revenue as well as brand recognition. It’s extremely important to not just retain existing customers but attract new customers, too. Customers are always seeking new options even if they have brands that they gladly support. 

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A boost to your existing customer base grants not just better profit, but brand recognition. Some companies might feel that they are OK with the current customer base and their sales are going up, but that’s not the case. Clients tend to keep in touch with what the market can offer them. If your company falls behind, even loyal clients won’t be coming back. 

So new customers are important not just in terms of revenue. Attracting new clients allows you to be aware of the needs of clients. If you know what consumers need, you can offer them THAT.

How To Get New Customers

Getting new clients might not be the easiest task, but it’s something that is needed for your business to flourish. Yes, it is time-consuming, and yes, you will need extra funding because it might be costly. But it’s worth it. Here are 9 ways you can use to attract new customers.

1. Learn About Your Audience

Are you sure you know what your current customers need? Do you know the desires and needs of your target audience and thus potential clients? It’s one of the most important things when it comes to selling your products and services, you need to make sure that your customers receive what they want! That’s why they will come again, they will tell their friends and family about you, and it will cause even more customers.

It’s also important to understand where is your audience. Do your potential clients prefer hanging out on Facebook, on Instagram, perhaps, Twitter? Learn more about your target audience, accomplish a survey and gather data about your potential new customers. You can create a product that will be of interest to your audience. And you will be aware of where to advertise your products so they will be seen by your target audience. 

There are tons of analytical tools that will help you to learn more about your existing audience, and thus you will understand more about your potential audience. 

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2. Know Your Competition

You should learn more about your competitors, about their marketing campaigns, and of course, about their customers. It’s one of the easiest ways to understand what methods work on potential customers, and what ways shouldn’t be even considered. 

This method is considered to be one of the least expensive ways of getting new customers. When you are analyzing your competitors’ actions, his campaign targeted new customers, you can see the good and the bad. You can see what your competitor is doing wrong and that will give you the chance to find other ways of attracting new consumers. 

Plus, you might even be able to attract some portion of your competitor’s target market. You can figure out what to offer that your competitor is not offering. Thus, you will gain new clients.

3. Consider The Psychological Peculiarities

Lars Perner, Ph.D., who is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing Department claims that a product, service, and then the marketing campaign must consider the psychological peculiarities of a consumer. During the stage of creating a product or service, and then when creating a marketing campaign, such things should be considered:

  • How your target audience is choosing between products.
  • The way your potential customers are thinking.
  • What criteria they use while choosing products or services.

And these are not the only things that should be considered. You have to understand how your new customers would be choosing between two similar products, and your company has to offer something that this new client will consider better than what your competitor is offering. 

During a marketing campaign, such peculiarities should be considered too. Some things trigger a positive reaction, other things might discourage from buying your services or products. So you need to know how your target audience is thinking.


4. Social Networks


Picture 1. Social networks are important

Never ignore social networks, that’s where your target audience is hanging out. Do not underestimate the impact of social networks. It will make a huge difference when you start using them to promote products or services. Using social networks will not just help you to maintain your existing audience, but it will also boost your reach.

By using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can improve the reputation of a company. Creating an official page of a company will help you to stay in touch with your customers. If you have staff that is responsible for solving the problems of your clients, your existing and potential customers will see that you care about them. 

Publishing posts, links, creating surveys, etc., all these methods will help you to show that you care about customers. Also, that your company is active and works on improving its products or services. And you know how things happen in social media – someone shares the link to your post, and hours later you have new customers!

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5. Targeting Your Audience 

When you are broadcasting about your services or products on all possible platforms, on billboards, in the subway, on TV, radio, etc., you eventually gain a new audience, but what’s wrong with this method? You overspend. It’s always better to use targeted ads. That’s why you need to understand who is your audience, and where your potential audience is hanging out.

You can use different analytical services that will learn more about your audience and will target only your potential clients. Based on their preferences, where they are located, what is their age, atc., these services show only adds that might be of interest to these people. It’s wiser to use such services than to expect that eventually, someone will finally come across your ad in the subway.


6. Customer Service Matters

Sure, great customer service won’t give you new clients immediately, but in the long run, it will give you a lot more advantages. If you care about your customer, you answer each call, each email, message via the customer support chat, comment left under your post in the social network, etc. This will give your customer the feeling that they are special, you want to fix their problems, and you will improve your product or services. 

In the long run, it will give more benefits. Your current customers will start talking about your brand, they will spread the word and all their friends, relatives or colleagues will learn about you. It’s always better when your customers are spreading positive information since it attracts new customers. 

If your neighbor finds out that your Internet provider is immediately solving your problems, your neighbor might be tempted to use the services of your Internet provider.

7. Discounts For New Customers

Discounts and special offers are a way for new customers to learn more about your products. As it was mentioned, people keep looking for something new, new brands, new services, they compare your offers to offers of other companies. Clients want to try something new. If you offer a discount, they gain a chance to use your services or products without paying more than they want. For example, online game developers can offer some bonuses to new players, etc. 

It’s safe for you too since you still sell your product or service. Eventually, you can target those customers who tried your products or services.


Picture 2. Coupon example

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8. Get In Touch With Bloggers

It’s not news that bloggers are the influencers in the 21st century. You can simply check out several pages of bloggers on Instagram to see that they have millions of followers. These followers might become your new customers. 

The easiest way is to find a blogger who is somehow related to your industry and to offer them to review your product or tell about your services. You can send samples so that the blogger can have material for the review. The simplest example is when women who have blogs about makeup review different beauty industry products. But it works! So reach out to bloggers who might be interested in your products or services. And you will have a chance to gain a huge audience in no time.

9. Engage The Audience

A lot of successful companies have their blogs. You should publish unique and interesting content about your company and your products and services. And also, how they can improve your customer’s life, and in what situations they could be applied. 

You won’t just engage your audience and find out what your customers are interested in, you will also receive some nice perks from search engines since they love interesting content related to the topic of the website. Thus, your website will be shown to a bigger audience and you will gain more customers.

Are You Getting New Customers?

It’s not about just attracting new customers, it’s about making them your constant customers. That’s why you should work on some mentioned points in this article. You have to show your existing clients that you care about them. They will spread the word about the company that is considering their feedback. 

You should keep searching for new ways of attracting customers. Why? It will boost your revenue and you will gain recognition. Even huge enterprises were starting as small companies. But constant work on engaging new customers helped them to become recognized and loved by millions of people.

Louis Robidoux is a blogger who enjoys writing articles that are of great interest to society. After having lots of posts published on different platforms, Louis decided to create his own site where he’s covering topics about food, interesting hacks, and lifestyle.

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