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Businesses continue to look for ways that they can interact with their customers. Due to this, they focus on digital marketing, so that short message service (SMS) marketing performs well and succeeds in the industry. We want to layout the SMS marketing framework for you so that you can utilize this powerful tool.

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SMS marketing goes beyond just sending messages to your customers. You want to have specific intent with each message and to reach out to them as effectively as possible. You may wonder if it’s worth your time. We’re here to explain why you should use SMS marketing and some techniques that you can apply to improve your strategy.

What Is SMS Marketing? 

SMS marketing involves using text messages to contact your customers. You have them sign up to receive texts from you and you can send different types of information to them through these messages. Here are a few examples of ways to use SMS marketing.

  • Upcoming deals.
  • Updates on their purchases.
  • New products or changes.

SMS marketing allows you to quickly inform customers about new information or deals that they should see immediately. Most people keep their smartphones on them or around them throughout the day. Phones stick as powerful devices in today’s world because people can easily contact their friends and relatives, find information online, and receive phone calls from other people.

In short, SMS marketing involves sending time-sensitive or important information to your customers. You do so by sending them a text message that they will receive immediately so that you can keep them informed. You can send other types of information to your customers based on what you think will benefit them.

Why SMS Marketing Matters? 

Sure, SMS marketing allows you to have these interactions with customers, but does it really make a difference? You can send emails instantly, so why not just stick to emailing customers instead? Keep in mind that SMS marketing campaigns focus on quick and time-sensitive responses so that you can avoid problems.

SMS Text campaign statistics

Picture 1. SMS text campaign statistics

You need to use SMS marketing because customers respond positively to those messages. As a business, you want to reach out to your customers in a way that works for them. As shown in the image above, customers respond well to SMS marketing campaigns.

If you send text messages to 100 customers, 98 of those customers will open the text messages on average. This means that you will get that message or information to most of your customers. This makes sense because the message goes straight to the customers’ phones, so they will quickly see it.

6 out of 10 customers have a positive impression of brands that contact them through mobile offers. This provides more convenience than sending an email and hoping that your customers see it in time. They see the offer immediately and they can act on the deals as soon as possible. Since customers prefer this method, you should use it.

To add to this, you will get over 40% brand interaction when you send text messages. Text messages encourage more interactions because they keep messages short and allow customers to respond quickly. When they have that immediate access, they can take advantage of it.

In the end, you want to give customers the services that they want. SMS marketing works because customers appreciate quick responses and messages, so you should give that to them.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

While the previous statistics showed why SMS marketing matters, these ones show you how this marketing strategy can benefit your company.

Text Marketing vs Email

Picture 2. Text marketing vs email statistics

SMS marketing can help your business by improving some of your metrics. As shown in the statistics above, you can receive multiple benefits from using SMS marketing.

SMS marketing provides 60 times faster response times and 7.5 times higher response rates. Not only do customers respond quicker, but they respond more often. This means that you should confirm important appointments or update customers about time-sensitive information through SMS marketing.

To add to this, you also get six times the engagement from your customers when you use text messages. They will not only view your messages, but they will also respond to those text messages or click on the links you send. This gives them more exposure to your business which increases the odds of them making a purchase.

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On top of it all, you will have seven times the campaign performance. You have higher odds of succeeding through SMS campaigns than you do through other campaigns. This means that you will increase your metrics and your profits.

Keep in mind that SMS marketing has these benefits, but it doesn’t replace other channels. You want to use it for quick messages and fast responses, but you should still use the other channels when you need to send longer pieces of information. But how do you know what you should send in your SMS marketing campaigns?

SMS Marketing Techniques

To create an effective SMS marketing campaigns, you need to use techniques that will improve your messages. You want your campaigns to appeal to your audience and encourage them to view your texts. Make sure to keep these key points in mind.

  • Keep the messages short.
  • Make your CTAs straightforward.
  • Send the right amount of messages.

Keep in mind that text messaging exists for you to send quick pieces of information to other people. You don’t want to write out a long message in your SMS campaigns: emails exist for that reason. If your message gets too long, then it will send multiple texts to your customers. This could annoy them, so keep it short to avoid multiple texts.

You should make your call-to-actions (CTAs) straightforward and simple. When you send out a text, you want to invite your customers to do something. This could include clicking on a link to get a discount. Here’s a bad example and a good example of such a text message.

  • Bad: “Visit our website and get a deal”.
  • Good: “Click on this link (insert link) to get 20% off of our products. It expires (insert date)”.

The first one provides no information, details, or way to visit the website. This will irritate customers. The second one gives them quick access to the website, informs them about the deal, and lets them know the expiration date.

You can send as many text messages as you want to customers, but you don’t want to spam their phones. Doing so could cause them to block you or to unsubscribe from your SMS campaign. So what’s the right amount of messages to send? Try to aim for once or twice a week to stay in contact without overloading them.

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SMS Marketing Examples 

Now that we addressed techniques, let’s look at some examples of ways that you can use SMS marketing campaigns. You can take multiple approaches with SMS marketing, but you should always seek to give your customers information while providing them CTAs.

SMS Marketing Campaigns Example

Picture 3. SMS marketing campaign example

The image above shows a deal that an SMS marketing campaign sent to a customer. It provides customers with information, a specific deal, the conditions of the deal, and when the deal expires. This addresses the techniques discussed earlier while making the information and CTA as clear as possible to the customer.

As another example, you may want to remind your customers of an appointment that they scheduled. You can do so through SMS marketing campaigns. This is how it would function.

  • SMS messaging software identifies an appointment that will occur in 24 hours.
  • It sends this message to that customer: “Hello (insert customer name here), we see that you have an appointment on (insert date and time). Text YES to confirm or NO to cancel”.
  • The customer responds with “YES”.
  • The SMS marketing software sends this message: “Thank you for confirming the appointment. We will see you at your appointment tomorrow at (insert time)”. 

These text messages will save you time since you can remind customers about appointments while confirming them. 

These are only two ways that you can use SMS marketing campaigns. Feel free to try different approaches and see which ones appeal to your customers. Always seek to quickly communicate with your customers while giving them positive experiences with your company.

Final Comments

A business can use SMS marketing to interact with customers, encourage them to make purchases, and to remain in contact with them. As you continue to work with your customers and remind them about your business, you can leave a positive impression on them. This happens as you use the right techniques and ideas.

Make sure to put effort into your SMS marketing campaigns if you want them to succeed. Doing so will allow you to improve them and to increase the revenue that your business gains through SMS. Just like other types of marketing, put in the effort so that your business can reap the rewards and continue to grow.

Evaldas Mockus is an Experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and Saas companies. Currently, he is associated with Omnisend, an e-commerce marketing automation platform built for growing e-commerce businesses.

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