Re-Engage Customers with These 10 E-Mail Suggestions

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Even if you have a lengthy email list, it doesn’t mean much if your recipients aren’t clicking through. Email lists go down by about a quarter each year, surprisingly, and there are a few reasons for it. Sometimes, there are too many emails, or the content isn’t engaging enough. Other times it’s because the person only subscribed to get a deal, but have gone back to a competitor. Whatever the reason, email marketers should be trying harder to re-engage subscribers because we all know that it’s easier to sell to an existing client than to find a new one. Here are some successful ways to re-engage your email subscribers.

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Before we dive into the ten suggestions, there are a few best practices that email marketers should be following.

E-mail Marketing Brand Approach

First, you should be figuring out which subscribers are the ones that aren’t active so you can target your emails to the right people. Most email service providers will be able to do that for you, so you can segment all the people you need to send re-engagement emails to. Then, take that list and create more segmentation.

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Your re-engagement emails should be different based on the client, like a regular buyer who is no longer purchasing or someone who subscribed but never made a purchase. You’ll be a lot more effective if you make the email as relevant to each person as possible. Then, create a series of emails, because, for the big majority of people, a single re-engagement email won’t be sufficient.

You must be creative with your approach, as well as different because if you’re doing more of the same from the previous emails sent, it will continue not to work. Therefore, without further ado, here are 10 suggestions for emails to send to re-engage your customers.

Figure out What the Problem Is

It’s possible that your subscribers aren’t engaged with your service simply because they aren’t fully sure how to use the service, or they don’t understand something and have started ignoring your emails. By asking a key relevant question to these subscribers, you can get them to re-engage with you. This can be as simple as sending a link to a customer survey, or a recap of how to make the best use of your service. 

Re-Engage Customers with the Deal Offer or Discount

If you’re thinking about exciting or different ways to re-engage your dormant subscribers, you should consider offering a deal or discount. Research made on the subject has found that 61% of customers use coupons, so they’re a good way to keep loyal customers. Also, as many as 97% of people look for deals. This all means that a deal, discount, or even a coupon, is a fantastic idea to re-engage those customers and get them spending money on your business once more. 

personalized black friday email marketing campaign

Picture 1. A personalized deal for Black Friday by Vodafone

Re-Engage Customers with Personalized Emails

People respond much better to emails that are personal and relevant to their situation, so anything that’s sent about their major life events like an anniversary or birthday is a nice surprise. They’re also much more likely to spend and re-engage with the company. For example, birthday emails are proven to have 3x higher open rates and 5x the spend rates. 

According to Luke Graham, an email expert at Online Assignment Help and Write My Papers, “to successfully personalize emails, gather data for their emails along with their date of birth and full name. You can also offer a free item as a reward for clients updating their details with you.

Modify Content Preferences

Subscribers tend to lose interest in the emails they receive for the simple reason that they don’t like the content they receive. As a marketer, it’s not that complicated to discover the types of content that your subscribers are interested in. Send a short survey or ask for feedback by email. You can also let customers know that they can customize their preferences for email content, which will give you some key information about what they’re interested in. In the future, the emails you send will be more targeted for each person’s content interest and your clients can be more engaged.

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Have Opt-Down Options

Instead of limiting yourself to two options for your email list (on or off the list), create an opt-down option. This allows people who don’t want to receive every email to opt-down and choose how regularly they want to receive emails, as well as their area of interest. 

Be Direct with Your Subscribers

A great way to engage your subscribers is simply to be direct and ask them a straight question about whether they still want to receive emails from you. As per Rebecca Peterson, a marketer at Assignment Writers and Boomessays, “you can do that easily while staying true to your brand identity and tone. Make it funny and clever if you want to re-engage your client, but give them a simple checkbox option so they don’t have to work hard to answer the simple question.” 

Email marketing opt down example

Picture 2. Email marketing opt down example by Bonobos

Emphasize New Changes

Your subscribers might be disengaged because they feel like they already know the company and its products and services. If that’s the case, why don’t you send them an email to let them know what’s new? You’re constantly working on new things and creating new products or updating services, so take the time to share that with your audience. Not only will this pique their interest in getting re-engaged with your products, but it’s also a good way to showcase a new range of products or services. 

Offer Benefits to Re-Engage Customers

You can send an email to remind your subscribers of the great benefits you have or deals, and remind them why they subscribed to your email list in the first place. You can also throw in a free coupon to make it an easy decision for your subscribers about whether or not to stay on your mailing list. 

Re-Engage Customers That Abandoned Cart

It’s not difficult to send an automated cart abandonment email and it will actually boost your sales without much effort. There is an incredibly high cart abandonment rate, of up to 85% on mobile devices, and only slightly less high on computers. You can get some of this money in the bank by sending an abandonment email, to remind clients of what’s waiting for them in their cart, check in with them if there’s an issue with proceeding with the sale, and even offer them an incentive to finish the sale, like offering free shipping. 

Let Them Go

If none of the tips above have worked, it may be time to accept that those subscribers aren’t for you. You can let them know that they’ll be off your email list soon and that might create the boost they need to re-engage. By telling customers that you’re emailing them one last time, but you have goodbyes, clients might feel the urgency to respond and click to choose to stay on the list. 

Re-engage customers that abandoned cart example by Nordstrom

Picture 3. Nordstrom example of re-engaging customer with the e-mail marketing campaign

Re-engage Customers to Increase Sales 

By using some of the suggestions outlined here, you’ll find it a lot easier to re-engage your subscribers and keep your list current and active, segmented, and hopefully increase your purchases at the same time. 

Aimee Laurence, a manager at Type My Essays and Law Essay Writing Service, shares her knowledge and experience on digital and social media marketing. She enjoys connecting businesses and their clients in new and engaging ways. In her spare time, she edits on a freelance basis at Revieweal.

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