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It’s time for another feature update for Paldesk, and this time it’s a big one. We’re happy to introduce live translate for all your live chat conversations. Forget about language barriers, live translate lets you communicate with customers internationally without interruptions.

How Does Live Translate Work? 

Translate customer messages from their native language in real time, with a simple click. Don’t let potential clients get lost in translation, instead, make sure you’re always on the same page. This allows for simple and easy communication, improving both sales and support efforts.

Translate customer messages in real time with live translate

Picture 1. Example of live message translation

Translation works both ways, as all of your responses are also translated so that a customer can understand. This way you’re both speaking the same language at all times, making multi-language support or sales efforts a reality.

Mutual live chat translation with live translation

Picture 2. Example of mutual live message translation

This feature is included in the PRO pricing package and requires an active Paldesk account.

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