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Power up your strategic advantage and take control of your sales opportunities with a new Paldesk feature – Visitor Overview. Paldesk’s Visitor overview gives you the opportunity to see what, where and how your customers behave on your website, enabling companies to always go the extra mile for their current and potential customers. 

How Does Visitor Overview Work?

Tune into the Paldesk omnichannel app and implement Paldesk live chat widget to your website. Visitor overview are collected from the web location of your live-chat widget. 

Simple, in-app Visitor overview show the overview of how many website visitors have you had per day, from which countries, on which web location they have been and other useful information. 

Funneling the visitor data into one dashboard, Paldesk’s Visitor overview surpasses the silo effect in big companies. A simple, yet powerful tool, enables Customer Support Managers and Customer Support Agents to act in real-time! 

How to Use Visitor Overview?

Paldesk’s Visitors overview are gathering both data about the individual user and the data summary

Data summary includes: 

  • Total visitors per week
  • Number of visitors per operating system, weekly
  • Number of visitors per browser, weekly 
  • Average visitor per hour

Data about the individual user includes: 

  • Visitor contact info (if a visitor provides it)
  • Time of visit
  • Last known location on your website
  • Browser information
  • Geolocation
  • Operating system 
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