New Feature – In-App Notifications

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Agents can now receive different types of notifications when using Paldesk Live Chat. Notifications are useful if you want to know what is currently happening with chats and visitors, and never miss out on a thing. Vital to the quality of life, it makes the agent’s job easier than ever before. Ready to try it out?



New agent added to the team

You will receive a notification when somebody adds a new member to the team.

New conversation

Get a notification when receiving a message from a new user.

Conversation assigned to an agent

Get notified when a someone assigns a conversation to an agent.

Conversation reassigned

Receive a notification when someone reassigns a conversation to another agent.

Conversation closed

You get notified when a conversation with the user is closed.
In-App Notifications

Photo 1. In-App Notifications


This is a basic feature and can be used for free, without any additional restrictions.

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