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Feedback widget allows you to hear and collect opinions from your customers. Create a Feedback widget and customize form colors and messages to fit your web. After receiving rating and opinion as feedback, take a detailed look at all the feedback you receive.

Easy Popup

Picture 1. Feedback widget

Create a feedback widget

Here are the options you can customize:


  • Enabled – you can enable or disable feedback on your webpage
  • Name – when creating feedback, users are given the option of choosing feedback name
  • Feedback text – you can write the text you want
  • Position – you can choose where your feedback will be displayed
  • Question – you can ask a question you would like to be answered, such as ‘How would you rate us?’
  • Thank you message – you can make your own thank you message
  • Color – you can choose a color of your feedback form
  • Text color – you can choose which color your text will be
  • Preview – you can see a preview of your feedback on a website
Create New Popup Widget

Picture 2. Create and customize your feedback widget


  • HTML Code – if you want to have a feedback form on your website, copy the code from Install option in your site’s HTML code
  • E-mail – send installation instructions to e-mail
  • API Key – use the following API key to identify feedback
Easy Popup Widget Preview

Picture 3. Feedback widget install guidelines


  • Forward feedback – you can have feedback on your mail beside the app
  • Devices – choose between devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile) where you want feedback form to be shown
  • Collect feedback – you can collect feedback on all pages where the Feedback widget code is installed and on pages you specify
Advanced feedback widget customization

Picture 4. Advanced feedback widget customization

Read user feedback(s)

In addition to creating a feedback widget, you can also read user feedback and see what they wrote about your brand.

User Feedbacks

Picture 5. User Feedback(s)

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