New feature: Conversation rating and feedback

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Find out how your customers really feel about your customer service and customer support with the new Paldesk feature – Conversation rating and feedback! Improve your customer experience and become more customer-centric with the help of Paldesk, an omnichannel tool for brighter interactions! 

What is Conversation rating and feedback?

Digitally empowered customers demand to be heard! Give them the opportunity to rate the conversation with your customer – service agents and leave detailed feedback that will help you in improving your customer experience.

During the live-chat conversation with the company, a customer will have the opportunity to leave the emoji score ranging from 1 (the worst) to 5 (the best). Above all, customers will also have the opportunity to explain in detail what are the reasons for this rating.

How Conversation rating and feedback can help your customer experience?

Conversation rating and feedback help companies to become faster in response to customer demand towards customer service. On the other hand, customer care managers can keep an eye on the performance of each individual customer service agent!

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