New Feature – Pal the Chatbot Assistant

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Have you met Pal, the assistant chatbot?

Need an extra hand in your team?  Meet Pal, assistant by day and salesman during the night! We’ve developed Pal the Assistant Chatbot to help companies provide seamless user experience wherever and whenever. Implementing Paldesk chatbot to your website live chat will improve the overall customer experience of your brand and increase sales!

Design Chatbot without developer skills

It can be designed with a simple drag-and-drop builder. Build a core script and each time you run into new customer scenario, add it to your chatbot. By using it,  you can automate the most frequent user questions and give your agents the opportunity to focus on more complex customer cases.

Find out how to build Customer Support Chatbot with Paldesk!

Communicate more and better

Being available for your customers when and where they want it, leads to better conversions! Pal the Assistant works with all the tools and platforms you love! Moreover, you can communicate using words, stickers, and links! It is a reliable way to get all of your work done in no time!

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