3 Marketing Trends 2021 Brings to The Table

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Marketing has been more and more hungry for our attention, progressing rapidly over different time-zones, platforms, and hardware. Surrounded by shiny commercials, interactive ads and popping videos on our smartphones, marketing managers around the world have (successfully) occupied most of our senses. Inventing and re-inventing to win the great battle for the user’s attention, creatives around the world are producing new media shapes and platforms to follow along.

From voice search to virtual/augmented reality and video content, we’ve explored what marketing trends to expect in 2021.  

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Top 3 Marketing Trends in 2021

Voice Search Marketing Becomes a Standard

Widely accepted and trending technology today is a voice search. Numbers speak for themselves. According to Mediapolis, in 2021 more than 50% of all searches will be carried out via voice. Moreover, it is estimated that 21.4 million households in the US will have smart speakers.  

Regardless of the numbers, the proof of the trends comes from all Big Five tech companies that have entered the voice technology domain. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple are developing their own voice-enabled AI assistants.

Even if voice search isn’t on your radar, it’s an emerging area, that is gathering a lot of attention from many marketers. In order to pay attention to heading forward, work with your SEO department or person to start researching and planning for a rise in voice search.

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Virtual/augmented reality

If you still think this is the same thing – it’s time to get acquainted with the topic asap. These technologies have paved their way to becoming top marketing trends last year already. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a fact – it is estimated that virtual and augmented reality will be worth $150 billion this year. So, what’s the big fuss about it?

Difference between virtual/augmented reality

Virtual reality aims to make you feel as if you were in a completely different place. It stimulates all your senses, replaces your vision completely and creates an imaginary place around you. Augmented reality on the other hand doesn’t replace anything – it simply adds to it. To put it in simple terms, virtual reality can give you an impression of setting your foot on the Moon. Augmented reality makes it possible for you to see how a piece of furniture would look in your house without having to bring it physically in.

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VR/AR meeting new consumer needs

Since modern societies are becoming more and more mobile-centric, new trends in technologies have to be available from the palm of the hand to ensure their sustainability. And precisely the recent craze with PokemonGO has shown how accessible AR is to everybody. This is a trend many brands have already started to use, and many will follow for sure. You can now place a couch that caught your eye in IKEA virtually into your home and see how it fits with the rest of the room. You can try out shoes. And girls, you are going to love this one – Loreal has teamed up with Amazon and launched an application, which enables you to try out makeup.

Loreal following augmented reality marketing trends

Picture 1. Loreal using augmented reality application

Possibilities like these will be used more and more in order to fulfill additionally customer expectations and make their decision to buy easier. This trend also opens up new niches for marketers – they can use it to find out more about the customer journey and to present their brand in a more modern and innovative way.

Video marketing trends

Research shows that more than 90% of marketers consider video a significant part of their marketing strategy. This trend is definitely here to stay. According to Wyzowl, businesses use videos in order to:

  • Improve web traffic
  • Win sales
  • Educate users
  • Offer support/help

The results make all the effort worth their while – 81% of people claim that seeing a brand’s video made them buy a product.

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Live video

The live video industry has got under the loop with social media and it’s a trend that shouldn’t be neglected. According to Facebook stats, currently 1 in 5 videos is live and it is rather clear why they have become so popular. Live videos, especially when posted as ephemeral content, give a sense of urgency and they keep the audience engaged. They are a perfect way to share news or give your customers an exclusive insight into what you are preparing.

Video marketing trends 2020

Picture 2. Video marketing trends

To Wrap Up

Consumer habits change from year to year. And with the fast pace of technological advancements, brands are doing their utmost to make their experience

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