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Predict visitor intent, capture leads, collaborate between agents and increase your business sales. 

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Chatmate the issue

Be quick when responding to customer inquiries. Collaborate, switch between agents with ease and be agile when capturing important leads for your small business or startup.

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Omnichannel Paldesk

Get your sales on track

Every single sale counts, even more so if you’re managing a small business. Make sure you never miss an inquiry or customer request by chatting with visitors through multiple channels at the same time.


Connect to a variety of platforms and software solutions.

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Integrate Paldesk with Slack.

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Integrate Paldesk with MailChimp.

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Integrate Paldesk with Hubspot.

Put your best face forward

Customize the way you interact with others. Answer customer questions while you’re outside the office and problem-solve issues on the go with an iOS and Android mobile app.

Cost Effective Customer Service
Predict visitor intent with live chat for small business

Predict visitor intent 

Track visitors while they’re browsing your website, predict their sales intent with detailed information and analytics data on their identity, visited pages and location.

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