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Power up your strategic advantage and always go the extra mile for your customers with Paldesk’s Visitors overview. The latest omnichannel feature collects user data from the web location of your live-chat widget. 

Paldesk feature Visitor overview shows insight into how many visitors you had per day, from which countries, on which web location they have been and many other.

Where is Visitor Overview located in the Paldesk application?

Visitor overview feature is visible in the Paldesk application, in the menu bar on the left side.

Visitor overview dashboard

Picture 1. Signature preview

How does Visitor Overview work?

At a glance, you can see only the list of your visitors. By clicking on the specific visitors, in the center of the application, you can see further details about their online behavior on your website – their geolocation, operating system… 

Dark dots on the map show you the location of your visitor, enabling you to take better care of your content and website localization.  

Graphs below the maps shows you:

  • Total visitors per week,
  • Visitor by the operating system per week,
  • Visitor by browser per week,
  • Average visitors per hour,
  • Visitors per operating system,
  • Visitors by browser,
  • Visitor by country.
Visitor visits statistics

Picture 2. Visitor visits statistics

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