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Visitor Overview provides you with information about people who visited your website in a certain period. It helps you learn about the total number of daily visitors, according to their country of origin, browser, device etc. This tool can give you precious insight to help plan your sales and marketing activities, personalize your ads and so much more. 

Where can you find Visitor Overview in your dashboard?

Visitor overview is visible on the left side of your Paldesk dashboard, right above the Administration button.

Visitor overview dashboard

Image 1. Signature preview

How does it work?

At a glance, you can see a list of visitors. You will be able to see their location, operating system and browser. If you are interested in additional information about a particular visitor or an overview of your general website traffic, click on the “Visitor Statistics” button at the top of the screen. 

Visitor visits statistics

Image 2. Visitor visits statistics

Once you open visitor statistics, you will be able to see  additional information about your visitors, like their location (indicated by the blue dot), the time they visited your website, their browser and operating system.

Image 3. Visitor details as displayed in Visitor Statistics

Finally, the best part of this feature is the option to take a look at the total number of visitors on your website, or the number of visitors per operating system, per browser, per hour etc. The average number of visitors per hour can help you organize your customer support, while the average per country can help you with marketing ads and campaigns.

Image 4. Visitor statistics and averages based on different parameters

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