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Create a Viber integration and give your customers the option to reach out directly from their phone. Viber is a messaging app with over 200 million users, so connecting it with your Paldesk account will make you much more accessible to your visitors and clients. Learn how to set it up below and take a look at our Viber FAQ for more information!

How can I create a Viber integration with Paldesk?

To set up your new Viber integration, follow these simple steps:

Step 1Go to and log in with your Viber number. When you get to your main dashboard there, select “Create bot account”.

Create new Viber bot

Image 1. Create a new Viber bot account

Step 2. Fill in the required information, add an avatar, and click on “Select”. This will create a new bot, and you will see the new bot’s token on the screen. 

New Viber bot token

Image 2. New Viber bot’s token

Step 3. Copy the token and go back to Paldesk. Go to Administration > Channel > Viber. Click on the + icon in the top right corner to create a new integration. Fill in the required fields and paste the Viber bot’s token into the appropriate field. 

Here’s what you should define for your Viber channel:

  • Configuration name: Here you should enter a custom name for your Viber integration. If you have multiple chat widgets and bots, make sure to give each integration a specific, recognizable name. 
  • Group: Link your Viber bot to a specific group in your Paldesk team. When customers send you a message via Viber, it will be automatically forwarded to that group. 
  • Welcome message: Set up a custom message for your visitors when they start a new conversation with your Viber bot. 

When you’re done, save changes and move on to the next step. 

New Viber bot added in Paldesk

Image 3. New Viber bot added in Paldesk

Step 4. Go to your phone and publish your new Viber bot.

New Viber bot published

Image 4. New Viber bot published

Step 5. Finally, go back to Paldesk and add your new Viber bot to your website widget. Go to Administration > Embeddable elements > Website widget > Channels > Viber and select your new bot. Save changes, and your new bot will be visible on your chat widget.

Here’s what your Viber channel will look like on your website widget: 

Viber on website widget

Image 5. Viber channel on website widget

Tip: Unless you’re available 24/7, make sure to add your new Viber channel to your Working hours configuration. When you do that, your offline message will automatically apply to your Viber channel as well!

For example, here’s an offline message displayed in the Viber desktop app:

Offline message in Viber channel

Image 6. Offline message displayed in Viber channel 

How can people reach my Viber bot? 

Now that you’ve added a new Viber channel to your website widget,  customers can reach out by clicking on the Viber icon. They will be redirected to a new page where they can click to access the desktop app or scan the QR code to start a conversation with your bot. 

Scan QR code for Viber

Image 7. Scan QR code for Viber

When they open their Viber app and send you a message, it will be forwarded to your Paldesk team. Your agents will be able to reply directly from their Paldesk dashboard.

Video 1.  Sending a new message to your Paldesk Viber bot

Since most customers are browsing on their phones, when they click on the Viber icon on your website widget, they will be sent to their Viber mobile app. Once they’ve sent you a message, your agents can respond directly from their Paldesk dashboard.

Video 2. Viber message on mobile

If you’re more of a visual learner, take a look at this short video tutorial showing you how to set everything up in up to 5 minutes! 

Video 3. How to set up your Viber integration in under 5 minutes

And that’s how you can create a new Viber bot and add it to your website widget! If you come across any issues, reach out to us via live chat at or email us at We’ll be more than happy to help you set things up!

Viber integration was last modified: April 15th, 2021 by Marija Šakić
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