Send widget installation instructions

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Once you have created a new widget, you can install it on your site or send installation instructions to your webmaster. We will send the instructions to the specified email address, and the recipient will have no trouble installing your widget based on those steps. Learn how and where you can send widget installation instructions in your Paldesk administration panel.

How can I send widget install instructions?

Send instructions in just a few easy steps! Here’s how:

Step 1. Go to Administration > Embeddable elements > Website widget > Install tab. In case you’ve created multiple chat widgets, select the one you’d like to install form the drop-down menu at the top of your admin window.

Select widget from list

Image 1. Select widget you want to install 

Step 3: Now that you have selected the widget you would like to install, scroll down to the ‘Send installation instructions in email‘ box. Enter your webmaster’s email and click on the ‘Send‘ button. 

Send installation instructions

Image 2. Send installation instructions to your webmaster

And that’s it! If you come across any issues or difficulties, feel free to chat with us live or send us an email to, we’ll be happy to help!

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