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Search tickets based on different criteria, tags, products or areas, using our search filter. Make sure to attribute different tags to all your tickets so you can track and search them more easily. Learn about search criteria below! 

How can I search through tickets?

In the Tickets tab, you will find all tickets are divided into two main categories: My tickets (those assigned to you) or All tickets (all tickets assigned to anyone in your team). Both of these categories can be search based on a number of criteria, as listed below.

Here’s a list of Paldesk ticket search criteria:

1. Search by name – you can search for tickets according to their ‘name’ ( ticket number). Each ticket generated or created in Paldesk comes with a unique number, and you can use that number to find a specific ticket.

2. Search by status – you can also filter tickets based on their status (created, opened, in progress, pending, closed, closed resolved, closed unresolved). Ticket status is changed depending on the stage a ticket is in; a brand new ticket is ‘created’, a closed ticket is ‘closed’ etc. Additionally, your agents can modify a ticket’s status as they’re handling it.

Simple search

Image 1. Searching for tickets according to status

3. Search by assigned agent – you can filter tickets based on the agent tickets were assigned to. For example, you can go to Tickets > All tickets and select the Search by assigned agent, and then select an agent from the drop-down menu, as pictured in Image 2 below. 

4. Search by affected client – another option is searching based on contacts. Select this option and then pick on a contact displayed in the drop-down list.

5. Search by tag – search for tickets based on tags your agents can create in Administration > Settings > Tags.  

6. Search by product – search for tickets based on product tags your agents can create in Administration > Settings > Products

7. Search by areas – search for tickets based on area tags your agents can create in Administration > Settings > Areas.

For example, if you search your tickets by an assigned agent it will look something like this: 

Advanced search

Image 2. Searching through tickets by assigned agent

This is how you can search through your tickets. If you come across any issues, feel free to chat with us live on or send us an email to Our customer service team will be more than happy to help!

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