Paldesk Website Widget API

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Paldesk website widget API allows you to control the widget on your website using Javascript. 

The following functions are supported:

– show/hide chat window

– authenticate user on chat

– open non-chat channels (Facebook, Telegram, Skype and email)

All functions are available in the window.BeeBeeate.widget object 

(e.g., window.BeeBeeate.widget.openChatWindow(null, null) )

1) Show chat window

openChatWindow(successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that opens the widget chat window. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.openChatWindow(() => console.log(“chat open”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error));

2) Close chat window

closeChatWindow(successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that closes the widget chat window. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.closeChatWindow(() => console.log(“chat closed”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error));

3) Authenticate user

authenticate(email, firstname, lastname, successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that authenticates the user using the provided authentication data, and opens the widget chat window if authentication is successfull. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.authenticate(‘’, ‘John’, ‘Doe’, () => console.log(“user authenticated”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error));

4) Open Email

openEmail(successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that opens the email client using the email address configured in your email channel config. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.openEmail(() => console.log(“email editor open”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error));

5) Open Facebook

openFacebook(successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that opens the Facebook chat using the facebook channel id configured in your Facebook channel config. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.openFacebook(() => console.log(“facebook open”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error));

6) Open Whatsapp

openWhatsapp(successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that opens the Whatsapp chat using the Whatsapp account phone number configured in your Whatsapp channel config. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.openWhatsapp(() => console.log(“whatsapp open”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error));

7) Open Telegram

openTelegram(successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that opens the telegram chat using the whatsapp channel id configured in your telegram channel config. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.openTelegram(() => console.log(“telegram open”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error));

8) Open Skype 

openSkype(successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that opens the Skype chat using the Skype acount configured in your Skype channel config. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.openSkype(() => console.log(“skype open”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error)); 

9) Open Instagram

openInstagram(successCallback, errorCallback)

Function that opens the Instagram chat using the Instagram username configured in your Instagram channel config. Usage example:

window.BeeBeeate.widget.openInstagram(() => console.log(“instagram open”), (error) => alert(“ERROR; ” + error));


Please note that we do not provide live chat support when it comes to widget API documentation. If you come across any difficulties, please send us an email with a detailed description of the issue to, our tech team will do their best to help. 

Paldesk Website Widget API was last modified: April 15th, 2021 by Marija Šakić
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