Paldesk Agent mobile app for Android

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Get back to customers on the go with the Paldesk Agent mobile app for Android! Unlike the desktop and web app, the mobile version is designed to give agents the ability to reply to customers’ questions from their phones. Learn more about it below!

Where can I find the Paldesk mobile app and it is free?

You can download the app for free on Google Play, and log in with your existing Paldesk credentials. Bear in mind that the mobile app works together with the web version, so if you’re a member of multiple teams, you can switch teams in the web / desktop app and then log into the mobile version. 

The mobile app will automatically log you into the last team you were logged into the Paldesk web app. 

Paldesk agent mobile app for Android

Image 1. Paldesk mobile app for Android

What can the mobile app do?

When it comes to the Android mobile app, it lets you do the following:

  • Reply to chats – send text messages, links, images, and emojis
  • Use Live translate to translate chats into another language. Unlike the web app, where languages are recognized automatically, in the mobile app you will have to manually enable the Live translate option and select source and target languages. 
Paldesk Agent Live

Image 2. Mobile app Live tab

  • Reply to emails – send text replies containing links and emojis, send attachments.
Paldesk mobile app email

Image 3. Mobile app reply to email

  • Conversation tab – browse your conversation archive.
  • Ticket tab – you can browse your tickets and create new ones. 
mobile app conversations tickets

Image 4. Mobile app conversations and tickets

  • Contacts – view and edit contacts, add notes, email addresses, and social links, view their conversation history, and send them a new message. You can also create new contacts.
mobile app contacts

Image 5. Mobile app contacts

  • Edit agent profile – you can set yourself to available (Ready) or unavailable (Not ready) in the app. 

When it comes to changing account settings, predefined answers, widget customization, integrations, etc., you can only access those in the web or desktop version of the Paldesk app.

How does it work?

As discussed in this article, you will receive notifications if you’re logged into the Paldesk web app, but not active. When a new conversation arrives, you can forward it to another agent or assign it to yourself. Reply to the new chat/email as you normally would, and close it when you’re done. 

Here’s a short video of what the Paldesk Agent mobile app looks like on your phone:

Video 1.  Paldesk Agent for Android

And that’s how Paldesk Agent for mobile works! Remember, if you come across any issues, feel free to chat with us live on or send us an email to Our customer service team will be more than happy to help!


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