Pabbly Connect integration

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Pabbly Connect is an online automation tool that lets you connect your favorite tools and transfer meaningful data between them. It helps you replace manual tasks with fully automated workflows. Read this article to learn how you can use it to link Paldesk to Agile CRM as well as over 500 other apps. 

How does Pabbly Connect work with Paldesk?

Simply put, you can use this integration to connect Paldesk with other apps linked with Pabbly. When you select an app you would like to link, an action in the chosen app will result in one of the following responses in your Paldesk account:

  1. New contact
  2. Updated contact
  3. New ticket
  4. Updated ticket

As an example, here’s how you can create a new connection (or workflow, as it’s called in Pabbly) between your Agile CRM and Paldesk. Every time a new contact is created or updated in Agile CRM, a new contact will be created in your integrated Paldesk team:

Pabbly Connect new workflow with Agile CRM

Image 1. Linking Agile CRM with Paldesk via Pabbly

First, click on “Create workflow” in the upper right corner of your Pabbly Connect dashboard. Select a name and then choose “Agile CRM” from the dropdown menu.

Note: Since this first step determines a trigger that will start an automated workflow, you can only select an app with a trigger. Paldesk currently does not have a trigger in Pabbly, so you will not be able to select it in this first step.

Next, make sure to follow the instructions to set up a webhook between Agile CRM and Pabbly. When you’re done, test the trigger.

Agile CRM webhook and test

Image 2. Agile CRM webhook and trigger test

When you’re all done with that, add Paldesk as the second app. Select the action you would like to occur as a result of the initial trigger. In this case, we chose “Create contact”, which means a new Agile CRM contact will automatically create a new contact in Paldesk. 

Fill in the required fields using the webhook response and send a test request to verify the connection. 

Paldesk Pabbly Connect test

Image 3. Paldesk and Pabbly Connect test request

If everything worked out, you should see a new test contact from Agile CRM in your Paldesk administration (Contacts – All contacts). Save changes, enable your workflow, and that’s it!

Test contact in Agile CRM and Paldesk

Image 4. A test contact created in Agile CRM and sent to Paldesk via Pabbly Connect

And that’s how you can link Paldesk to hundreds of other apps via Pabbly Connect!

For any questions about this integration, feel free to reach out to our customer service. If you’re interested in other available integrations or need help with your Pabbly account, their support team will be happy to help!  

Pabbly Connect integration was last modified: April 15th, 2021 by Marija Šakić
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