Magento installation guide

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Your Magento 2.x extension can be installed in few minutes simply by editing the Magneto Configuration. 

Here’s how you install it:

1.Download/purchase the extension (like .zip or tar.gz archive) from Magento marketplace.
2. Login to your Magento 2.x Hosting site (for details contact your hosting provider).
3. Open some kind File Manager for listing Hosting files and directories and locate the Magento root directory where Magento 2.x is installed (also can be FTP or File manager in CPanel for example).

Example (CPanel & File Manager):

CPanel in Magento

Example (Magento root):

File Manager in Magento

4. Upload Extension (as .zip or tar.gz) to your Magento 2.x installation root directory.
5. Unzip the file in a writable temporary directory.
6. The content of unzipped extension should be copied (but the only content of unzipped folder) into the Magneto “app” folder but under new path (create empty folders):

  • app/code/Paldesk/LiveChat/=> copy unzipped content here without original folder

Example (content of unzipped extension copied into app/code/Paldesk/LiveChat/):

Unzipped extension copied into app/code/Paldesk/LiveChat/

7. Now return to following path app/etc/ and open config.php file for editing [app/etc/config.php].
8. Edit the file by adding only one line of code at the end of the file before closing bracket:

‘Paldesk_LiveChat’ => 1,

Config.php editing example (add Paldesk_LiveChat extension configuration line):

Code with added extension 'Paldesk_LiveChat'

9. Save and close the file (be careful not to do any other changes).
10. Now go and open the Magento 2.x Admin panel.
11. In the Magneto Admin panel disable the cache under System­>>Cache Management (in Magento Admin menu).
12. The module should now be auto-installed and visible under Stores>>Configuration>>AdvancePaldesk>>LiveChat and Helpdesk in the Magento Admin panel like in example picture below:
13. To fill API KEY, you have to have Paldesk Live Chat account already. If you don’t have one, click here and please create it.

API key box in Magento Configuration

14. To fill API key field, go to Paldesk app. Next, choose ‘Administration‘ from the left-side menu. Under ‘Embeddable elements‘ select ‘Website Widget‘. Click on ‘Install‘ and copy the API key at the bottom of the page.
15. Go back to Magento Admin panel, paste the API’s key code and press ‘Save Config’.
16. To see how the widget looks like, click on your account>>Customer View.

You’re done.

Remember, if you encounter any problem, send us an email to or chat with us live.

That’s it! Enjoy Paldesk!

Magento installation guide was last modified: April 15th, 2021 by Milica Vujasin
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