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Create knowledge base articles to share information with your customers or staff. Edit text, add images and links and make your articles public or private. You can also mark some articles as important, which will make the title appear more prominent when it’s published. Learn how to set things up below! 

How can I create a new knowledge base article?

To create a new article, go to Administration > Knowledge base > Articles tab and click on “Add article“. Here’s what that looks like in the app:

Create knowledge base article

Image 1. Create new knowledge base article

A new window will open,  where you will be able to modify the following:

  • Enable  – decide if your article will be visible in your knowledge base. This is also where you can hide an article if it needs to be updated or it’s no longer relevant. 
  • Title – create a unique title to introduce your audience to the topic. 
  • Public – decide if your new article will be publicly available to your customers or used for internal purposes like onboarding. 
  • Is important – if you mark your article as important, the title will appear as bold in your knowledge base. 
  • Content – enter and edit text, add images and links. 
  • Categories  – when you’ve completed the article, assign it to an existing category. 

Here’s what that looks like in the app:

Video 1. Create and edit a new knowledge base article in Paldesk

How can I edit article content? 

When it comes to knowledge base article content, there are three main things you can add and edit:

  • Text –  text editing allow you to choose between heading, subheading and ‘normal’ (paragraph) size. You can also make text bolditalic, underlined or strikethrough, add quotes, number, and bullet lists. You can also remove formatting. We do not currently support custom fonts, font sizes or text alignment. 
  • Links –  you can easily add links to your article by clicking on the link icon in your content box. Simply select a part of your text you would like to add the link to and click on the link icon to add it.

Here’s how you can edit text and add links in Paldesk:

Edit article text in Paldesk knowledge base

Image 2. Text customization options in Paldesk knowledge base

  • Images  – you can add an image to your article by inserting a direct link to an image already online. You will not be able to upload or edit images in your Paldesk knowledge base.

Here’s how you can do that:

Video 2. Add new image to an article 

  • Videos – you can add a video to your article by inserting a direct link to a video already online. For example:

Video 3. Add a new video to an article

And that’s it! You’ve successfully created and edited your new knowledge base article! Your article will now be visible to your customers or agents, depending on your privacy settings (whether the articles are public or not). For example, here’s what an article can look like in your knowledge base:

Knowledge base article preview

Image 3. Knowledge base article preview

How to search Paldesk knowledge base?

Now that you know how to add articles to your knowledge base, you’re probably wondering how to search for the one you need. You can search your knowledge base by typing in the keyword in the search bar. Keyword is directly related to the title of your article so make sure all your titles contain words your customers will most likely use when searching for information. For example:

Video 4. Searching Paldesk knowledge base

That’s how you can create an customize knowledge base articles. As always, if you come across any issues, reach out to us via live chat at or email us at We’ll be more than happy to help you set things up!

Knowledge base articles was last modified: April 15th, 2021 by Marija Šakić
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