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Integrate Paldesk with Zapier to access hundreds of other popular apps and platforms and automate workflows. Build smart, multi-step workflows across multiple apps in just a few clicks! Our Zapier integration is available on the Early Stage and Rising Star price plan. Learn how to set things up below!

How can I integrate with Zapier?

Step 1: Sign into your Paldesk account.

Step 2: Go to Administration – Integrations – Zapier.

Paldesk integration Zapier

Image 1. Zapier integration in Paldesk administration

Step 3: Click on the invitation link (in your Paldesk dashboard, see Image 1.) to add Paldesk as one of your apps in Zapier. You will have the option to add the Paldesk app and create your first Zap (connection).

Please note Paldesk is not an official Zapier integration,  so you can only link it to Zapier via invitation link, as seen above. 

Paldesk invite to Zapier

Image 2.  Link Paldesk with Zapier via invitation link

Step 4. Once you’ve added Paldesk as one of your apps in Zapier, you will be able to build new Zaps with third-party apps. Zapier will ask you to verify your Paldesk account using your account email and your Zapier token. 

Paldesk Zapier credentials

Image 3. Paldesk Zapier credentials

Step 5.  To create a new Zap, click on the  “Make a Zap” button in your Zapier dashboard, and search for the Paldesk app. Configure a connection with another app, like MailChimp, and create a new integration.

New zap, add Paldesk

Image 4. Add new Zap, Paldesk

That’s how you can integrate with Zapier, and link Paldesk to other apps. As always, please reach out to our customer support team at or chat with us live at  

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