Install Paldesk on a Wix site

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Wix is one of the most popular website builders out there, with numerous templates and customization options. If you would like to install Paldesk on a Wix website, take a look at our short guide. 

Before we begin, please bear in mind you will need to be on a premium Wix plan before you can install our chat widget. 

Here’s how you can install your new Paldesk widget on a Wix website in a few simple steps. 

Installing Paldesk on a Wix website

Step 1. Log into Paldesk, create and customize your new widget. Once you’re done, go to the Install tab and copy the code snippet.

Copy Paldesk widget snippet

Image 1. Copy your Paldesk widget code snippet from the Install tab

Step 2. Log into your Wix account, go to your dashboard and click on Settings.

Open your Wix settings

Image 2. Open your settings in your Wix dashboard

Step 3. Open SettingsAdvanced settingsTracking tools.

Your Wix dashboard advanced settings

Image 3. Your Wix dashboard advanced settings

Step 4. Click on New tool and then select Custom

Your wix tracking tools

Image 4. Your Wix tracking tools

Step 5. Once a new window opens, fill in the required information and paste the code snippet you copied in Step 1.

Add new tool in Wix

Image 5. Add new tool in Wix

Step 6. Finally, select Apply and then save changes to your page. This will install the widget on your site, and as long as it is enabled in your Paldesk widget settings, it should show up on your site.

Paldesk on a Wix site

Image 6. Paldesk installed on a Wix site

And that’s how you can install Paldesk on your Wix website!

Please check out other support articles to learn how to customize your widget or contact support for additional information or troubleshooting.

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