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The global message is the text written on the top of live chat windows. It is a little message of greeting or welcoming the customer. Whether it is a link or a text, the maximum length must be under 500 characters. It is not necessary to have it, but it looks more polite with it.

How to set up the Global message?

Step 1:

Administration > Web site widget

Step 2:

In the field Web widget global message you can write the message you would like to share in your live chat. In other fields here you can change the public name of the chat and widget icon as well as the position of live chat.

web widget global message

Picture 1. Setting up global message 

Step 3:

After you Save changes, you can click Like preview to see how your customers see the live chat. Here is a photo of customers view.

paldesk global message

Picture 2. Preview of global message

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