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The auto message is a message which appears when your agents are offline. When it appears is determined by the agent’s working hours. You can change the auto message the way you like or remove it at all. Here are steps how to do it.

How to set up auto message?

Step 1:

Administration > Working hours > Working hours

Step 2:

Click Create or choose from your previous channels. Here you can write the name of the Agent responsible for the specific channel. Also, you can add their description.

Step 3:

If they are not available 24/7, choose Specify availability. Below appears days of the weeks and working hours. You can determine the working hours per day in a week.

Step 4:

When it comes to working hours, pay attention to the Time zone. Since your visitors could be from other parts of the world, set the right time zone so your working hours are relevant.

Step 5:

Finally, set Message to display which will appear when the Agent is offline.

Step 6:

Save changes.

how to set up auto message

Picture 1. Setting auto message 

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