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Minimized widget is a widget that appears in a smaller format than a typical widget. If you want to some elements on your site more visible or you don’t want widget anyhow to hinder your customers, you can minimize it.

How to Minimize Widget?

Step 1:
Administration> Embeddable elements > Website Widget

Step 2:
In line with General, Install and Advanced, right below your widget name, click Advanced.

Step 3:
On the drop-down menu click Widget settings.

Step 4:
In a Widget options click Enable collapsed state.

How to minimize a widget

Picture 1. Screen of minimizing a widget

Step 5:
Click Save. After you set it, you check how your customer will see it.

A screen of minimized widget

Picture 2. Screen of minimized widget before you click on it

Minimized widget after you click on it

Picture 1. Screen of minimizing widget after you click on it

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