How do I create a new ticket?

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Option to create new ticket have all agents no matter the role. If some agent came across new incident or some future request that is not available right now, they can create new ticket manually. Here is the guide on how to create new ticket:


  1. Go into Tickets and click on Create new ticket button. You will get this window:
Creating a new ticket

Picture 1. Creating a new ticket

  1. Type Ticket name. This will be the name of ticket that you and other agents will see into Ticket history. This field is required.
  2. Select Affected entity. Affected entity can be either some of the agents or clients. This field is required.
  3. Select Assignee entity. Assignee entity can be either some of the agents or agent groups. This field is required.
  4. Optional: You can select Due date, write Ticket description and add Tags. They are not required to create ticket but, they can help in Ticket management. Due date help agents to know when that ticket need to be resolved, Ticket description helps in informing agent who reads about what needs to be resolved. Tags are great way to help you in organizing tickets according to your business.
  5. Once you are done, click on the Create button.

That’s it, you have successfully created new ticket. You should find that new ticket in My tickets or All tickets tab, depending on whom you assigned to.

If you have any more questions about this topic or this is not enough helpful, please feel free to contact us.

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