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Automate the most frequent customer care scenarios using the assistant chatbot and maximize the time and efficiency of your customer care agents. Give your agents the opportunity to focus on more complex cases, while Pal the Assistant helps out your visitors.

Check out the short video on how to set up a Paldesk chatbot! 

How to create a Chatbot?

Pal the Assistant is user-friendly chatbot with a simple drag-and-drop builder.

Step 1: Login to your account and navigate to Administration > Channels > Chat > Dialog tab. Create your own simple chatbot.

Chatbot conversation flow

Picture 1. The flow of conversation using a chatbot

Step 2: Choose between different Nodes, drag-and-drop them on board and connect with lines.

Start Node – every dialog needs to start with Start Node. From this starting point, dragline into the next node: Text Node.

Text Node – instead of “Output text” write down question or statement for your customers. On + (plus) sign add answers/options for customer. Add more Text Nodes and dragline between them.

Delay Node – if you want some time to pass between the two Text Nodes then use Delay Node and setup time

End Node – every dialog needs to end with End Node. From the last Text Node, drag node into the End Node in order to end conversation between your chatbot and end user.


Step 3: Save changes. Enable and Disable “Dialog” as needed.



Zoom in and Zoom out by using your mouse / touchpad3


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