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Unlike direct integrations (e.g. Facebook and Viber), external channels are not integrated with Paldesk. Additionally, your channel settings like working hours, welcome and wait messages, predefined answers and chatbots will not apply to these channels. However, you can still add them to your Paldesk chat widget regardless of your price plan so that your visitors can reach out to you directly through these platforms. Learn more below!

Which external channels can I connect to my Paldesk chat widget?

You can add external channels by logging into your account and going to AdministrationEmbeddable elementsWebsite widgetChannels tab. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the External channels label.

External channels widget administration

Image 1. External channels widget administration

Select the channel you would like to add, enter the necessary information, and save changes. Once you’ve done that, the new channel will be visible on your Paldesk chat widget. Here’s how those channels can look  on your website:

External channels on widget

Image 2. External channels on widget

1. Phone

To add phone as an external channel, simply enter your number in the box in your widget administration and save changes. Since most people use mobile browsers, they can click on the phone icon on your widget to access your number on their dialer and call you.

Video 1. Phone as an external channel

2. Skype

To add Skype to your chat widget, go to your widget administration, open the Channels tab, click on Skype, paste your Skype name in the box, and save changes. Visitors will be able to reach your Skype account, send you a message or call you.

Skype external channel

Image 3. Open Skype conversation from Paldesk widget

3. WhatsApp as an external channel

As mentioned here, WhatsApp is available both as a direct integration (via Twilio) as well as an external channel. If you opt for the latter, your WhatsApp conversations and contacts won’t be recorded in Paldesk, and your channel settings (welcome and wait messages, working hours) won’t apply. You also won’t be able to use predefined answers.

whatsapp as an external channel

Image 4. WhatsApp as an external channel

Note: If you would still like to manage your WhatsApp external channel without the direct Paldesk integration (which requires a verified Twilio number), there is a workaround. Specifically, you can download the WhatsApp Business app for Android or iOS and set up your welcome message, offline message, working hours, quick replies, tags, and more. 

4. Instagram

Last but not least, you can add Instagram as one of your external channels and have your visitors/customers follow and DM you there. Simply go to your widget administration, open the Channels tab as seen in Image 1., and paste your Instagram name into the box. Please note you don’t need to enter the URL to your account, just your account name. 

Image 5. Visitors sending you a new Instagram message 

When your visitors click on the Instagram icon on your widget, they will be redirected to your Instagram profile. From there, they can follow you and send you a message. All conversations will take place directly in your Instagram DMs and won’t be recorded in Paldesk.

And that concludes all you need to know about external channels in Paldesk! If you come across any issues, reach out to us via live chat at paldesk.com or email us at support@paldesk.com. We’ll be more than happy to help you set things up!

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