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Transform your guides, documents and tutorials into a smart knowledge base library available to employees and customers at all times. 

Your company’s knowledge base can include FAQs, troubleshooting guides, product details and other information relevant to your support agents and your customers. 

Make your Knowledge Base publicly available! To find this option, please log into the Paldesk application and go to the Administration > Knowledge Base.

Customize the Knowledge Base and Make it Public

On the General tab you can customize your knowledge base website with messages that fit your brand. At first, you will see two options:

  • Enabled – if enabled, the Knowledge base will be publicly visible.
  • Public – if not public, it will be visible only to your team. 

Under “Main labels”, you will find the following options:

  • Search question – text displayed above the search box.
  • Search placeholder – text displayed within the search box.
  • Category text – text displayed above the list of categories.

“Footer label” contains the following options:

  • Follow us text – text displayed in the bottom left corner, next to the icons linked to your social media profiles.
  • Website link text – text displayed in the bottom right corner, where you can add your website’s URL.
  • Website link URL – the link to your website.
Knowledge base general

Header options

In the header of each knowledge base you have 4 main options:

  • Create a new Knowledge base
  • Edit Knowledge base
  • Edit Knowledge base footer data
  • Delete the current Knowledge base

Besides the following options, in the header, you can find Knowledge base links. For public knowledge base, visible to all your visitors, use Public URL. For internal usage (your agents or administrators), use Internal URL.

Create Categories

This option allows you to create a category for every segment of your business, products, etc. Initially, you have a couple of categories created as an example. Edit the existing ones or create a new one.

Login to Paldesk application, go to the “Administration” > “Knowledge Base” > tab “Categories” > and “Add category”. You can add a new one or edit some of the existing ones. When adding a new one, the fields you can edit are the following:

  • Enabled – if enabled, Knowledge Base category will be visible.
  • Public – if not public, the category will be visible only to your agents.
  • Category name
  • Category image
  • Category description
  • Background color
  • Category name color
  • Item color

After editing, click the Create button to enable a category in the Knowledge Base.

Knowledge base categories

Create Articles

Here you can create content to address most frequently asked questions. There are a few sample articles you can start with. You can edit one of those or create a new article altogether.

Log into the Paldesk application, go to Administration> Knowledge base> Articles and select Add article. You can add a new one or edit existing articles. 

When adding a new one, you can edit are the following fields:

  • Enabled
  • Title
  • Description
  • Public
  • Is important
  • Content
  • Categories

Once you’re done editing, click on the Create button to generate your new Knowledge Base article.

Knowledge base articles

Remember, if you encounter any problems, contact us or chat with us live.

That’s it! Enjoy Paldesk!

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