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In Paldesk, the option to create new tickets manually is available to all agents, no matter the role. You can assign a ticket to an agent, select a due date, and the affected client, as well as custom tags, products, and areas.

How can I create a new ticket?

Here is how you can create a new ticket: 

Step 1: Go to the Tickets tab. 

Step 2: Click on the Create a new ticket button (as circled below):

Creating a new ticket

Image 1. Creating a new ticket

Once you have clicked on that button, the following form should appear:               

Creating a new ticket

Image 2. Creating a new ticket

Step 3: Type in the Ticket name. This is a required field, typically describing the subject of the ticket. 

Step 4: Select the Affected agent or client. Here you can choose between your agents or your clients (contacts), depending on the ticket type. This field is also required.

Step 5. Choose the Assignee. This is the last required field. You have the option to designate the ticket to an agent or a group. 

Step 6: You can also select the due date, write a ticket description and add tags. These fields are not required but they can help with further classification and ticket management. 

Step 7: Click on the Create button. 

This is how your new ticket should look like: 

Creating a new ticket

Image 3.  A preview of the ticket

That’s it, you have successfully created a new ticket! To find your ticket, you can browse Tickets > My tickets or All tickets, depending on the assigned agent or group.

Remember, if you come across any issues, feel free to chat with us live on or send us an email to  Our customer service team will be more than happy to help! 

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