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The Conversation tab in Paldesk is an archive of all your past interactions. Once you close a conversation, it moves from your Live to your Conversations tab. In this archive, you will be able to see and edit contact data (just like in the Contacts tab), access attachments, or send chat transcripts

Here’s an example of what your Conversations tab might look like: 

Conversation example

Image 1. Main screen of the Conversations tab

How can I search through conversations?

When it comes to searching past conversations, you can either browse Conversations > My archive to access your past interactions or go to Conversations > All chats to access other agents’ past conversations. 

As described in this article, agents will be able to see all messages sent to all members of their team, unless the private conversations feature is enabled. In that case, the account owner and administrators will be able to monitor all conversations, but agents will not have access to each other’s past messages.

There are several ways you can filter closed conversations:

  1. Search by name – searching conversations according to number.
  2. Search by assigned agent – searching based on the assigned agent. 
  3. Search by affected client – searching based on the sender. 
  4. Search by conversation status – searching based on a predefined conversation tag. 
  5. Search by date – searching based on a specific time frame

This is how your search menu looks like in your Paldesk dashboard: 

Search conversations in Paldesk

Image 2. Search conversations in Paldesk

What else can I do with a closed conversation?

Apart from searching closed conversations, you can also send new emails, create tickets, and access additional information about your conversations. See what that looks like in the app:

Video 1. Other conversation options

And that’s how the conversation archive works in Paldesk and how you can filter your closed conversations. If you come across any issues, feel free to chat with us live on or send us an email to  Our customer service team will be more than happy to help!

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