What are conversations?

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Conversations are a place in Paldesk where you can see your archive of conversations or all chats that occurred with users. Here you can see every single conversation, you can see all messages between you and the customer, info about the contact, you can add new emails, phone numbers, their social media accounts etc.

Main screen of conversations

Picture 1. Main screen of conversations

If you click on some of the chats, it will open inside a tab, this mean that you can open multiple chats conversations as you like and you can easily switch between them.

Email preview in app

Picture 2. Email preview in app

Once you click on the conversation, along contact info on the right sidebar menu see ticket info of that conversation, all sent attachments, and all contact and ticket conversations as in tickets menu. More about that in What are tickets article.

In conversations, you also have the possibility to send emails and create tickets from previous conversations which can come in handy.

Searching conversations

As for tickets, you can also search through conversations. There are two ways to search through conversations, simple and advanced search. Simple search allows you to search by a snippet of a text, for example, if you search for “Hello” you will get every conversation where either you or a customer wrote that specific word. In advanced search, you have a more specific way of searching through conversations. You can search conversations by status, ticket name, affected client. If you search in all tickets you can also search by assigned group or assigned agent.

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