Conversation rating and feedback

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Want to find out how well your customer-care agents perform, from the visitors’ perspective? Enable new Paldesk Conversation rating and feedback feature!

How does the Conversation rating and feedback work?

During the conversation with the customer care agent, customers can provide feedback and rate the entire customer experience. Besides providing a good or bad rating on the score 1 to 5, customers can leave a comment in which they can explain their feedback in detail.

How to enable Conversation rating and feedback?

Power up your customer experience strategy with feedback that matters. If you want to see how satisfied your customers are, turn on Conversation rating and feedback following the steps below: 

Step 1: Log in to your Paldesk account.

Step 2: Go to Administration – Website widget – Features

Step 3: Under “Widget option” turn on the option called “Allow customers to rate the conversation.”

Step 4: Save changes

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Picture 1. Allowing option for conversation rating and feedback

How do customers see the Conversation and feedback feature?

At any time during the conversations, the customer can rate and leave a comment. If this option is on, the customer will see it in the header of the widget, next to the agent’s name.

Rate conversation option

Picture 2. Conversation rate

After clicking on “Rate conversation,” customer can give a score ranging from 1 (the worst) to 5 (the best), by clicking on a user-friendly emojis. Below the rating (emojis) customers can, if they want to, leave a more detailed explanation of his experience. Bear in mind that leaving a comment is not obligatory for a customer.

Conversation rating and agent rating

Picture 3. Conversation rate ratio

When customers click the “Confirm” button, he’ll see in the chat window that conversation rate and comment are sent to the agent. The rating and comments will be visible to customer care agents, under the conversation info.

Conversation was rated

Picture 3. Rated conversation

How Does Customer Care Agent see conversation rating and feedback?

Conversation rating and feedback are connected to each conversation separately. During the discussion with the customer, the agent will see in the Paldesk main window (center window) the announcement about the incoming feedback and rating.

Besides that, on the right side, under Conversation info, agents and administrators can see how well a customer care agent individually has performed during the support conversation with customers.

Conversation rate from the agent dashboard

Picture 4. Conversation rate view from the agent side

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