Chat ratings and feedback

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Enable chat ratings and feedback and give your customers the chance to provide you with valuable insight. Once enabled, this feature will allow your customers to rate conversations and include additional comments. Learn more about it below! 

How can I set up chat rating in the app?

To enable this cool feature, go back to your widget administration panel and follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Administration > Embeddable elements > Website widget > Features tab. Here you’ll be able to see a list of widget features that can greatly improve the look and functionality of your widget, as well as the overall customer experience. 

Step 2: Scroll down to “Widget options” and select “Allow customers to rate the conversations and leave feedback” option. Once you have done that, click “Save” to save changes. 

Here’s what that looks like in your Paldesk dashboard: 

Enable chat ratings

Image 1. Enable chat ratings and feedback

How can customers rate the chat?

Once you have enabled this option, your customers will be able to rate the chat (on a scale from 1 to 5) and optionally provide additional comments. When they click on the little icon on top of the chat window, next to the agent’s avatar, a little box will open, and they will be able to select an option and leave a comment. 

Additionally, when your customer leaves a rating and/or comment, it will be visible in the chat window as well as your agents’ dashboard. Furthermore, customers can modify their ratings during the chat.

For example, here’s what that interaction looks like on your agents’ and your customers’ side:

Video 1. Chat rating and feedback 

Finally, all chat ratings and feedback will be recorded in the app and can be found in the Conversation info section, as part of the Conversations archive. When your agents or administrators select a closed conversation, they will be able to access ratings and feedback your customers left while chatting with your agents.

Chat rating in conversation info

Image 2. Chat rating under conversation info

And that’s how chat ratings and feedback work in Paldesk! If you come across any issues, reach out to us via live chat at or email us at We’ll be more than happy to help you set things up!

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