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Once you have added agents, groups, chat channels, widget and an email integration, you will start receiving conversations. Your group’s routing type will define how new conversations are offered.  However, the conversation flow is Unassigned > Live > Conversations. Learn more about it below!

What does the conversation flow in Paldesk look like?

As mentioned, the conversation flow consists of three stages, for two out of three routing types. If you select the Polite or Democracy routing type, a new conversation will arrive to your Unassigned tab. From there, agents can assign it and reply from their Live tab. Finally, once the conversation is done, they can close it and it will move to the Conversations tab.

Alternatively, the Dictator routing type will send new conversations directly into your agent’s Live tab, as long as they are available (Ready).

Here’s a brief video showing this process:

Video 1. Conversation flow in Paldesk

How can agents manage conversations?

As you can see, this is the conversation flow in Paldesk:

Unassigned tab: incoming messages arrive to this tab, and agents have the option to assign them to themselves, forward or close them. If your group’s routing type is Dictator, new messages will be assigned to the first available (Ready) agent and sent directly to their Live.

Unassigned tab conversation flow

Image 1. Unassigned tab 

Live tab: when an agent accepts a new conversation, it goes to their Live tab. Since Paldesk is an omnichannel platform, agent will be able to see messages sent via chat, email, Facebook, etc. in a single thread/ticket. While agents are chatting with a customer, the conversation will remain in their Live tab. Once the interaction is over, agents will close it. 

Live tab conversation flow

Image 2. Live tab 

Conversations tab: when you close a conversation, it moves to the Conversations tab. Your team members can search the conversation archive by going to AdministrationConversationsMy archive (those assigned to them) or All chats (all closed conversations assigned to anyone in their team). 

Conversations tab conversation flow

Image 3. Conversations tab

And that’s it! If you come across any issues, reach out to us via live chat at or email us at We’ll be more than happy to help you set things up!

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