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A chat transcript is a record of a chat between a customer and an agent. It’s a great tool that allows your customer to have their own archive of the conversation. 

How to send a Chat Transcript?

Customers can request the transcript themselves if that option is enabled in the chat widget. If a transcript is requested, it will be automatically forwarded to the customer’s email address once the conversation is finished.

Paldesk chat transcript

There is also an option to manually forward the chat transcript. 

Step 1: 

Go to the Conversations tab. Search for the conversation you want to send. Click on the conversation. 

Step 2:

In the upper right corner, click on the little icon (as circled below).

Paldesk chat transcript

Step 3: 

Type in the customer’s email address and click send

Chat transcript should look like this:

Paldesk chat transcript

That’s it! Enjoy Paldesk! 

If you come across any issues, feel free to chat with us live on or send us an email to Our customer service team will be more than happy to help! 

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