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Create a chat channel for your website widget and provide your customers with live chat support. The Paldesk chat widget is highly customizable, but you should also make sure to personalize your chat channel. Along with our highly customizable widget, a personalized chat channel will significantly improve your overall customer experience. Learn how to set it up below!

How and where can I create a chat channel?

There are two main routes you can take to set up your chat channel.

Option 1. Go to Administration > Channels > Chat and edit the channel name, assign it to a group, edit pre-chat, welcome and wait messages and configure a chatbot.

Here’s where you can do that:

Paldesk chat channel in Administration

Image 1. Access  chat channel directly

Option 2. Administration > Embeddable elements > Website  widget > Channels tab and scroll down to Chat.

Click on the little gear icon on the right side of the screen, as seen in the image below. 

Chat channel from widget administration

Image 2. Access your chat channel from your widget administration area

This will open your chat channel settings, where you can change the channel name, configure messages, assign channels to groups and create new channels. You can also set up a chatbot for your channel. Specifically, here’s how those different features are distributed:

Chat channel options in Paldesk

Image 3. Chat channel options in Paldesk 

What can I modify in the app?

  • In the General tab, you can edit your channel name and select the agent group new messages will be assigned to.
  • The Messages tab allows you to edit your pre-chat question, welcome and wait messages.
  • In the Chatbot tab, you can create, edit and enable a chatbot for your channel.

Finally, you can add a new chat channel or delete the current one. To add a new chat channel, click on the “+” button in the upper right corner. Select the trashcan button right next to it to delete your current chat channel.

And that’s how you can set up your chat channel! Once you’ve done that, link it to your Paldesk chat widget and install it on your site! If you come across any issues, reach out to us via live chat at or email us at We’ll be more than happy to help you set things up!

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