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Tickets are a great tool that helps you deal effectively with customer’s requests. It’s important to find the best person suited for the job, so depending on the ticket type, you can assign a ticket to a certain agent or a group equipped with dealing with certain types of inquiry. This allows you a better classification of the tickets and faster problem resolution.

How can I assign a ticket?

Here is how you can assign a ticket:

Step 1
: Go to the Tickets tab

Step 2: Search for the particular ticket.

Step 3: Once you clicked on the specific ticket a following form should appear:

Video 1. Assigning a ticket

Step 4: Click on the Assignee field. Here you can choose between an agent or a group, depending on the ticket type. 

Step 5: Add the date and description for further classification. That way, agents have all the details, and know when something has to be resolved. 

Step 6: Click on the Save button.  

And that’s it. You have successfully assigned a ticket to a person or a group responsible for dealing with this type of inquiry.

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