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Have you always had lingering questions about your AppSumo team? Although our AppSumo lifetime deal expired back in 2020, there are still things you might not be aware of. Take a look at these frequently asked questions and answers, and let us know if we missed anything. 

Code redemption and your AppSumo team

Q: I purchased a code last year and forgot I had it. Can I still redeem it?

Unfortunately, we no longer accept active AppSumo codes. Since the deal expired back in December of 2019, we decided to allow customers to redeem their unused AppSumo codes by June 1st, 2020.

paldesk sold out deal

Image 1. The expired Paldesk AppSumo lifetime deal

Q: What if I want to get a refund of my AppSumo code? 

Since you purchased the code from AppSumo, all questions regarding payments and refunds should be directed to their customer service. Paldesk is completely unable to issue any types of refunds when it comes to AppSumo codes. 

Q: I purchased an AppSumo code and got a refund. I changed my mind, can I purchase a new lifetime deal from you? 

No, we can’t offer you a lifetime deal. Contact our support team or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about discounts and promotions on our standard subscription plans.

Q: I got one code, which is supposed to include 2 agents, but when I logged into my account, the app suggested  I could invite only 1 agent under my AppSumo plan.

One Paldesk AppSumo Rising Star code included 2 agent slots, but one of those agents is the account owner. This means that your total number of available agent slots will be the number of coupons x 2 – 1 (you as the account owner). 

appsumo code distribution

Image 2. How you could distribute your codes in two teams. 

New  AppSumo team and agents

Q: I created a new team and the app is asking me to enter credit card information. I thought I’d already paid for my codes.

In Paldesk, a team is more like a new account than a group. This means teams will be on different subscription plans and they will each have their own:

  • Groups
  • Contacts
  • Tickets and conversations
  • Predefined answers 
  • Working hours 
  • Settings like widgets and active integrations. 

Read more about the difference between teams and groups here. 

how teams and groups work in Paldesk

Image 3. How teams and groups work in Paldesk

In summary, if you’re on the AppSumo plan, your new team will not automatically be on the same plan, Should you decide to create a new team, it will be on a paid subscription plan, with regular monthly/yearly charges per agent.

Q: I applied all my codes to one AppSumo team, but I realized I actually need to transfer a few agents to my new team. Is there a way I can redistribute my codes? 

No, we are unable to transfer your agent slots to another team. 

Q: Can I invite new agents to my AppSumo team (outside of the number included in my LTD)? 

Of course, you can always invite new agents outside of your AppSumo deal, but in that case, you will be charged for these extra agents $29 per month per agent (full price). This applies to agents outside of the lifetime deal that are not included in your active AppSumo codes.

AppSumo team deactivation 

Q: I accidentally deleted my AppSumo team, can you restore it for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to restore your deleted team. As you can see in the app, deactivation is final and irreversible, so please make sure to only delete your team if you are completely sure you will never need it again.

delete account warning

Image 4. Team deactivation warning message

Q: I deleted my AppSumo team so that I can start over and set everything up. When I created a new team, I was asked to enter my payment information. Can you restore my AppSumo team?

As we previously mentioned, team deactivation is irreversible, so we won’t be able to restore your deleted team. You were asked to add payment information because you created a new team, which will be on the Rookie plan. 

If you need help setting things up, please go through our support articles or contact us at

Q: I deactivated my AppSumo team and created a new one. Can you reactivate some of my AppSumo codes so I can apply them to this new team?

No, you have already used up your AppSumo codes so we are unable to reactivate them for you. We also can’t restore your deleted Paldesk team. 

Billing and discounts

Q: I purchased the AppSumo deal and noticed that the app is still generating monthly charges for me. I thought this was a one-time charge?

Even though you purchased your codes from AppSumo and got prepaid agent slots in Paldesk, the app will generate monthly $0 charges for you. Here’s why. 

In case you decide to expand your Paldesk team by inviting new agents outside of your plan, you will be charged $29 per additional agent per month (full price). 

appsumo invoice example

Image 5. An example of your AppSumo invoice

Q: If I invite new agents to my AppSumo team, can I purchase another lifetime deal that would include those agents?

We don’t offer any lifetime deals at the moment, so you will not be able to purchase extra seats for your additional agents. However, we will be occasionally offering various discounts that will include AppSumo customers, so subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our latest promotions!


This concludes our AppSumo FAQ, we hope you have found the answer to your question! If not, chat with our support team or send us an email to we will be more than happy to address any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!

AppSumo FAQ was last modified: April 15th, 2021 by Marija Šakić
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