Integrate Paldesk with MailChimp

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On the Early Stage and Rising Star plan you can integrate with MailChimp to gather leads and add them to automated email campaigns. This integration will allow you to send your contacts to MailChimp and turn them into subscribers. Here’s how you can set it up!

How can I integrate with MailChimp?

Since Paldesk does not support a direct integration with MailChimp, you will need to link your Paldesk account to Zapier first.

Once you’ve added Paldesk as one of your Zapier integrations, follow these steps to create your first Zap (connection) with MailChimp:

Step 1. In your Zapier dashboard, select the “Make a Zap” button. 

Make a new Zap in Zapier

Image 1. Make a new Zap in Zapier

Step 2. When a new window opens, select Paldesk as the first app you would like to connect. Again, Paldesk is not an official Zapier integration, so make sure to click on the invite link to add it. You can find the invite link in your Paldesk dashboard. Go to AdministrationIntegrationsZapier, scroll down to Step 3. of user instructions and click on the link.

Add Paldesk app to Zap

Image 2. Add Paldesk to the Zap

Step 3. Next, select an event in Paldesk that will trigger a response in MailChimp. For instance, if you choose “New conversation”, something will happen in your MailChimp account every time a new conversation is generated in your linked Paldesk account.

Choose app and event Paldesk in Zapier

Image 3. Choose app and event in a new Zap (Paldesk)

Step 4. Select an event which will trigger a response in MailChimp, and click on “Continue”.

New conversation in Paldesk action

Image 4. Select event and continue

Step 5. Next, Zapier will ask you to log into your Paldesk account to verify the connection. Use your Paldesk account email and the Zapier token you can find in your Paldesk dashboard (AdministrationIntegrationsZapier).

Here’s where you can find the token in your Paldesk app:

Copy token Paldesk

Image 5. Copy the token in your Paldesk dashboard

When you’ve copied the token, go back to Zapier and sign in with your account email. Paste the token in the box and click on “Yes, continue“.

Sign into Zapier with your Paldesk credentials

Image 6. Sign into Zapier with your Paldesk credentials

Step 6. Once you have confirmed the connection, Zapier will ask to test your trigger. This will help confirm you linked the right Paldesk account and completed the configuration successfully. Click on “Test trigger” to proceed. 

Test Paldesk trigger in Zapier

Image 7. Test Paldesk trigger in Zapier

Zapier will fetch some of your recent conversations to identify the fields you use to identify your customers and agents. This will help you configure your MailChimp settings in the following steps. 

How do I add MailChimp as the other app in the Zap?

Now that you’ve finished setting up Paldesk as the first app in your new Zap, you can proceed to add MailChimp. In your Zapier dashboard, move on to the “Do this” tab.

Step 7. Choose MailChimp as the other app and select an event. Here you can determine how MailChimp will respond to the Paldesk trigger. For example, when a new conversation is created in your Paldesk account, the Paldesk contact will be added as a new MailChimp subscriber. 

Add MailChimp to Zap

Image 8. Add MailChimp to Zap and choose event

Step 8. Next, select your preferred event and then click on “Continue“.

Select event and continue

Image 9. Select event and continue

Step 9. Once you’ve done that, Zapier will ask you to log into your MailChimp account to verify the connection. Sign in and proceed to the next step. 

Customize your subscriber to match the MailChimp fields to client information provided by Paldesk. For example, if you would like your customers’ emails to be recorded in MailChimp as new subscribers, make sure to select “Affected email” as the subscriber email, as seen below. 

Configure MailChimp subscriber fields

Image 10. Customize subscriber

Step 10. When you finish setting things up, activate your new Zap. This is what that will look like in your Zapier dashboard:

Activate Paldesk MailChimp Zap

Image 11. Activate your new Zap

How will the MailChimp integration work?

If you set things up based on these instructions, all new Paldesk contacts (automatically created when customers start a new chat with your Paldesk team) will automatically become MailChimp subscribers. 

For example, here’s a new Paldesk conversation from a customer:

New conversation in Paldesk

Image 12. New conversation in Paldesk

Every time a new contact is created in your Paldesk account, it will be automatically added to your MailChimp subscribers. If you go to your MailChimp dashboard (Audience – Contacts), their email will be on the list.

MailChimp audience subscribers

Image 13. MailChimp new subscribers

And that’s how you can integrate with MailChimp! If you come across any issues, please feel free to chat with us live at or email us at, our support team will be more than happy to help!

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