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Integrate with HubSpot, to transfer your leads and customers into Paldesk. This option is available to our customers on the Early stage and the Rising Star price plan. Since we do not support direct integration with HubSpot, you can connect the two apps via Zapier. Learn more about it below!

How can I integrate with HubSpot?

In order to configure this integration, you will need a verified Paldesk, HubSpot, and Zapier account.  Follow the step below to set up this integration.

Bear in mind Paldesk is not part of the Zapier marketplace, so you will have to add it manually, according to these instructions

Step 1. Log into Zapier, and click on “Make a Zap”. Select HubSpot as the first app and select a trigger, as seen below:

New Zap HubSpot and trigger

Image 1. New Zap, select HubSpot and trigger

This means an event in HubSpot will trigger an action in Paldesk. Select “New contact” as the trigger and then click “Continue”.  Once a new contact is created in HubSpot, it will result in a reaction in Paldesk, depending on your other configuration settings.

Step 2. Choose a HubSpot account you would like to connect with Paldesk. Next, click on “Continue” to move on to the next step.

Select HubSpot account in Zapier

Image 2. Select HubSpot account in Zapier

Step 3. Normally, Zapier will ask you to customize your HubSpot contact and select the information you would like to retrieve and forward. However, since the list of contact properties in Paldesk is very basic, and therefore not entirely compatible with HubSpot, simply click on “Continue” and skip this step. 

Customize Hubspot contact in Zapier

Image 3. Customize Hubspot contact in Zapier

Step 4. Once you have determined triggers and selected HubSpot as the first app in your new Zap, Zapier will ask to test your trigger. This will retrieve some of your HubSpot contacts, so click on “Test trigger” to continue the setup process. 

Test HubSpot trigger in Zapier

Image 4. Test HubSpot trigger in Zapier

Step 5. The trigger test will retrieve several HubSpot contacts from the account you specified. Select one of them from the menu to see some of their properties, and complete the HubSpot part of your new Zap. 

HubSpot trigger test complete in Zapier

Image 5. HubSpot trigger test complete in Zapier

And that’s it! Half of the job is done! Now you need to add Paldesk as the second part of the new Zap.

How do I configure settings for Paldesk?

Step 6. Once you’ve set everything up on HubSpot’s end of the Zap, select Paldesk as the second app. Please make sure to integrate Paldesk with Zapier first, as mentioned in the introduction. 

Select Paldesk app and event in Zapier

Image 6. Select Paldesk app and event in Zapier

Once you’ve added Paldesk to your list of available apps in Zapier, select Paldesk as the app and “Create or Update contact” as the event.  As a result, every time a new contact is created in your linked HubSpot account, it will be automatically generated in your linked Paldesk account as well.

Step 7. Next, make sure to select the Paldesk account you would like to connect with your HubSpot account. Select an account and log in if necessary.

Select Paldesk account in new Zap

Image 7. Select Paldesk account in new Zap

Step 8. As you probably know, there are three basic properties for each contact in your Paldesk administration: first name, last name, and email. Please make sure to select these identifiers from the list and click on “Continue”. 

Paldesk contact fields in new Zap

Image 8. Paldesk contact fields in new Zap

Step 9. Next, Zapier will run a test on your configuration, and send a contact from your linked HubSpot account to your Paldesk account. You can send several test contacts and review the information. 

Send test HubSpot contact to Paldesk

Image 9. Send test HubSpot contact to Paldesk.

Step 10. Finally, if the test contact is successful, you will receive a message in Zapier. This means you’ve configured your new Zap and you can now activate it. 

HubSpot test contact successful

Image 10. HubSpot test contact successful

And that’s how you can create your new Zap and link your HubSpot and your Paldesk account. 

How does this integration work?

Once you’ve set everything up and enabled your new Zap, each new HubSpot contact will be automatically sent to your Paldesk account. For example, here’s a test contact in HubSpot:

New contact in HubSpot

Image 11. New contact in HubSpot

When this new contact was created, thanks to the new HubSpot via Zapier integration, it automatically became a new Paldesk contact as well. When it comes to Paldesk contacts, you can send them emails, and edit their information, depending on your preferences. 

New HubSpot contact in Paldesk

Image 12. New HubSpot contact in Paldesk

That’s it! That’s how you can integrate with HubSpot! If you come across any issues, email us at or chat with us live at Our customer service will be more than happy to help! 

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