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Instagram has recently reached 700 million users! So you probably wonder, how the hack to create the content that stands out in such a massive community?

You might often read about behind-the-scenes content followed by fixed rules: Leave at least three comments, post at least once a day, use at least 11 hashtags on each post and so on.

These rules are definitely not to be neglected but can turn your activity into a boring routine. And Instagram can be anything, but not boring!

In this article, we’re taking the rule-breaking around Instagram advertising to a new level. Free your creative hiccups with some of the best recommendations, and you will surely profit out of it!

Let’s Get You Over Your Creative Block

Instagram Growth Rule Breakers in Businesses

Instagram is a great place to show how something very specific to your company is made. Even some of the typically boring brands are able to entice excitement or wonder by showing off some of the daily operations.

Here’s a good example!

1. Tito’s vodka

We all know vodka’s fun, but it can be even more fun on Instagram. For example, they started Vodka for Dog People to rescue and protect the animals that have serendipitously come into their lives.

dog titos vodka instagram post

Picture 1. #vodkafordogpeople

2. Googly Eyes Foundation

Likewise, this non-profitable organization has a goal to spread googly eyes around the world. Googly eyes are a customer favorite in every crafts store, and for a good reason.

They instantly improve everything, and the following photo confirms this:

googly eyes foundation

Picture 2. Order your FREE googly eyes at our website and be part of it.

3. McDonald’s Singapore

They used illustrations to add an interesting twist to their product photos. They added a swiping in the photo to promote their Chicken McNuggets.

mcdonalds nuggets instagram post

Picture 3. Looks like you’ve hit on something in the sand. What will you uncover? Swipe to feed your curiosity.

4. Forever 21

When making your brand unique, you inspire curiosity. There is a higher chance that your audience will follow you and/or become your customers if they feel entertained with your content and brand’s image.

For example, Forever 21 is showing users how their product is used by different people in the industry.  

Instagram Forever 21

Picture 4.  Show a truly unique angle of your product.

5. Post-it

Also, more likely than not, people are interested in how your company works on a daily basis. Try to highlight quirks or unique happenings that occur with your business. Is there a company event or something silly your team does occasionally? Tell your audience about it!

post it instagram

Picture 5. Post-it even in rainy and windy conditions.

6. Jana

Obviously, when done correctly, being different on Instagram can take your brand a long way. Be more pirate and break the conventional rules.

Hence natural mineral water brand Jana launched a new campaign called Deep, which functionally delivers a message that is rooted in undisputed truth – DEPTH.

jana instagram

Picture 6. Witness The Deepest Instagram Profile, Created By Saatchi & Saatchi.

7. Oreo

Oreo’s Instagram account is not only very easy on the eyes, but also is very up-to-date with the latest trends. To make their efforts more shareable on social media, they re-created the iconic Game of Thrones opening title sequence with Oreo Cookies.

oreo got instagram

Picture 7. The most epic cookies of all time are here.

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Instagram Growth Rule Breakers Individuals

For highly visual and engaging content, you have to entice the viewer and ultimately create a sense of pleasure or intrigue.

This doesn’t only mean you have to use stock photos of products in good lighting. It’s not even about the rules of colors and textures anymore. It’s about not sticking to them, but creating new, preferably interactive content.

Check out videos and photos from these artists and you’re immediately ahead of the game:


1. Kirby Jenner has 1.1M followers. He photoshops himself in Kendall Jenner pics.

kirby jenner instagram

Picture 8. Kirby Jenner and Kendall Jenner

You probably never heard of him, but he can be found anywhere where Kendall is. Kirby Jenner except for only being “Kendall Jenner’s twin”, is also a model and a lover. One is for sure, he definitely masters in photoshop!

kirby jenner kanye instagram

Picture 9. Kirby Jenner and Kanye

2. Eggcelent Instagram Account

One of the never-ending Instagram trends is definitely taking pictures of the food. However, The Eggshibit upgraded it to delicious artworks out of a fried egg!

eggshibit instagram

Picture 10. IG: the_eggshibit

3. Mixing dogs with food

Instagram is overflowed with accounts that are either all about food, or all about dogs. It was a matter of time for these two categories to get together! Dogs In Food does this beautifully.

dogs in food instagram

Picture 11. IG: dogs_infood 

4. Digital marionettes for our celebrity-obsessed age

Joel Strong cuts out pictures of famous people’s heads and photographs them, dangling from his fingers, atop a real, live person’s body.

Sounds simple? Perhaps.

And yet, there’s actually something wonderfully surreal in the contrast between a 2D Beyoncé head and a 3D Any Dude standing in the park.

joel strong instagram

Picture 12. IG: mydaywithleo

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5. Playing with emojis

Some people are so good at Instagram that it’s almost unfair. An artist Pablo Rochat is one of those people. His posts are very creative and will often make you laugh. He also has the strongest and most inventive Story game on Instagram.

pablo rochat instagram

Picture 13. IG: pablo.rochat

6. Thinking out loud

Pete Souza spent more time alongside President Barack Obama than almost anyone else. He used to be Barack Obama’s official photographer. Now whenever Donald Trump does something insane, Souza posts a picture of Obama doing the opposite.

pete souza instagram profile

Picture 14. IG: petesouza

7. Playing with death

Instagram has some strict rules about controversial photos showing blood, nudes, violence, etc. that can get you shadowbanned or have your account suspended.

However, Crap Taxidermy is here to haunt your dreams with more dead-eyed abominations and unholy chimera than you can shake a fleshing knife at.

This account collects poorly executed dead-animal art from around the Web, from asymmetrical bobcats and stoned polar bears to some unholy communion of a duck and a rabbit.

craptaxidermy instagram profile

Picture 15. IG: craptaxidermy

The Abuse is Rife

What was the first social network you fired up this morning?

If it was Instagram, the chances are you were duped!

As you scrolled through dozens of photos and status updates on Instagram, it is likely that many of them were not spur-of-the-moment missives sent by their account-holders but, rather, marketing messages sponsored by other brands.

Lift the curtain on your daily operations

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian promoting @flattummyco shakes, or Christiano Ronaldo endorsing Nike, this kind of approach is now a big deal.

Solberg Audunsson, co-founder & head of Takumi, offers brands an 8-point code of conduct on how to achieve a campaign that creates successful outcomes, whilst erring on the right side of transparency.

Instagram support Takumi platform

Over to You

Instagram feed forms your brand’s story. As people scroll down, they form their impression of a brand based on the feed itself. Put these ideas into action and you’re bound to create a great feed that’s set for success.

In short, think creatively, outside-of-the-box, break the conventional rules, create something unseen and engaging that will drive attention and action.

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