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Guide your visitors with live chat for travel

Guide your visitors over Live Chat for travel

Guide your visitors through the selection and booking process on your website and make sure they’re satisfied with the experience. Offer them additional information and answer their questions to make your site more travel friendly.

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Personalize travel suggestions

Talk to potential customers while they’re on your website and make sure they convert. Encourage them to make the ideal booking choice by providing personalized travel suggestions and valid alternatives in real time.

Personalize travel suggestions with live chat for travel
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Thanks to Paldesk, we can now guide potential travelers through every step of planning their ideal vacation.

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CEO, Marzito
Influence undecided prospects over live chat for travel
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Influence undecided prospects over Live Chat for travel

Your potential customers are bound to have second thoughts. Provide them with well-timed promotional offers over Live Chat to make sure they convert to paying customers.

Reduce acquisition cost

Bookings done by phone or email can be pricey and take twice as long. Accepting them over Live Chat for travel reduces the duration and overall cost of customer acquisition.

Reduce acquisition cost with live chat for travel
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We love the powerful and simple to use features that Paldesk provides to our booking platform!
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Benefits of live chat for travel and tourism

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Instant Response

All information can be exchanged over live chat instantly by talking to a travel agent.
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OmniChannel Integration

Integrate multiple social channels into a single dashboard and respond to messages from inside the Paldesk web application.
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Unlimited Personalization

The chat widget can be customized to fit the needs of your tourism website.
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Agent Multitasking

A single travel agent can talk to multiple visitors at the same time, lowering waiting times.
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