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Catch new donors for your nonprofit and NGO organization with the help of live chat.

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Ways to
new donors in nonprofit organizations

The digital age opened a fresh new stream of donor opportunities for nonprofit and NGO organizations opened up a fresh stream of donor opportunities.

Welcome potential donors to your website using live chat and give them real-time information about your mission, organization, and investment potential. 

Support over live chat for nonprofit organizations
Donation in nonprofit organizations

Increase your
communication capabilities

Step-up your fundraising game with an omnichannel hub that circles-up all of your channels into one place. Funnel all your website, social media messages into a single dashboard and create the amazing user experience for your donor.


Connect to a variety of platforms and software solutions.

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Integrate Paldesk with Slack.

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Integrate Paldesk with Zapier.

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Integrate Paldesk with MailChimp.

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Integrate Paldesk with Hubspot.

Personalized approach to potential donors

Personalized approach to your potential donors

Live-chat for nonprofit and NGO organizations enables a more personalized approach to website visitors. Address potential donors visiting your website by name and send personalized messages.

Save on manpower,
stay open 24/7

Set-up automated answers for your website visitors while you’re away. Have a chatbot answer customer questions instantly when you’re not able to respond.

Benefits of Live Chat for Non-Government and Non-Profit

Instant response icon
Instant Response

All information can be exchanged over live chat instantly by talking to your agent.

Unlimited personalization icon
Unlimited Personalization

The chat widget can be customized to your brand colors.

Easy Pop-up icon
Easy Pop-up

Set up personal website notifications and announcements on your website.

Mobile, Web, Desktop icon
Mobile, Web, Desktop

Talk to your customers anytime, anywhere via web, mobile or desktop application.

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