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Social media monitoring is the process of tracking social media conversations that are relevant to your brand. It is important for connecting with their customers as well as providing customer support. To “listen” social media helps to measure social media reach and to understand trends. Because of its role in understanding, social media monitoring is also known as social listening. In this article, we will talk about the usage of social media and explore ways to make it work to your advantage.

Make Something Positive out of Online Criticism

Although they are not the feedback we wish for, negative reviews happen often. So, how do you make the best of it?

Make it constructive.

Tracking online criticism means you can follow up with a thorough answer or try to resolve an issue.

There is some advice about how to deal with criticism. Making fun of yourself shows you are not afraid to admire your flaws for the purpose of amusing others. This could disarm your critic and show that the brand has personality. On the opposite side, critics could be illegitimate. Answer something playful, but don’t get too aggressive.

If a customer shares a criticism of your business, go out of your way to thank them for the insights. Instead of being funny or refuting the claim, accept it and let them know you appreciate their criticism. Sometimes, the best response is an apology. Admit that your company made a mistake. Furthermore, make a formal apology for the situation and offer to make it right in whatever way you feel is most appropriate.

For whatever reason, you might find these tactics don’t fit your brand. You can adjust them the way you prefer more. However, you should always avoid ignoring, debating and agitating. As a result, it can sometimes actually help build an authentic and caring image of a brand.

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Example of a company resolving a complaint

Picture 1. A great example of a company resolving a Twitter complaint

Reaching More People

Every business website wants visitors converting from visitors to something else. E-Commerce websites want visitors to buy products, SaaS companies want from visitors who signed up to pay their first subscription, etc. The rate at which a website can measure this is its conversion rate. Consequently, measuring the performance of a variation A or B means measuring the rate at which it converts visitors to goal achievers.

In the same way, watch specific key terms can be very helpful in that. It is a tool to pinpoint your community’s interests as they relate to the problem you’re solving or value you’re adding. According to Shannon Byrne, deciding on other keywords to track is as simple as choosing the mission of your product.

Also, on-site analytics help you keep track of results, mentions, and other important metrics. You can also learn which of your posts are most successful. Rachel Catlett suggests posting at different times of day, as well as different post themes. Further, you can determine the influence of changing the experience.

Moreover, almost anything on your website that affects visitor behavior can be A/B tested. You can test variations of headlines, paragraph texts, testimonials, up to the CTA buttons, links, images, etc. More advanced tests can include pricing structures, sales promotions, free trial lengths, navigation and UX experiences, free or paid delivery, and many more.

Social media is great place for finding new leads.

Picture 2. Follow up on social media posts to gain leads.

Make Better Relations with Your Customers

In relations with customers is important to not promote your product. Remember the best content includes the same quantity of entertaining posts, posts related to your niche and about your business. Furthermore, try that your content helps others. Show your audience that you offer some value, so they come back for information or entertainment.

On the one hand, people prefer engaging with interesting stories and brands. They want to find topics and companies that they can relate or aspire to. By Megan Ritter, your social media content and conversations should be true to your personality and your brand.

On the other hand, our audience knows where to find your product catalogs and deals. They often look to social media to provide them with different types of material. Instead of rehashing information from your website, you could have a conversation. Look for users who are a part of your target demographics and connect with them.

Keep up with the Competition

Even Petar Drucker claimed innovation and marketing are the two key drivers of business profits. Innovation allows you to exploit opportunities your competitors are missing. Innovations are finding new applications of existing products and services or reaching new markets. Technology also helps. Emerging technologies that open up opportunities for innovation include AI, edge computing, and conversational platforms. Finally, paying attention to these types of technology trends can help you seize emerging opportunities.

Use Social Media like Twitter to convert unhappy customers into a happy customers

Picture 3. Convert an unhappy customer into a happy one

One of the most strategic moves you can make is developing a strong unique selling proposition (USP), says marketing guru Jay Abraham. USP offers something desirable and different from what competition has. For example, when FedEx first offered overnight delivery, its USP was, “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” A good USP makes your product or service stand out from your competition in the eyes of your target audience.


Sometimes just being on social media is not enough, you have to go the extra mile. Building a good relationship with customers will make a base for a great collaboration. Consequently, increasing your presence on other people’s social media accounts means more users will notice you and discover your brand. Just make sure you keep a positive attitude and engage in topics relevant to your goals.

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