Implementing Live Chat Into the Sales Funnel

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Getting customers to buy something is a lot of work. You might spend a ton of cash to get people on your website. If you can’t convert interest of your potential customers to a purchasing decision, then you have a problem with your sales funnel. But, you think ahead and keep up with trends, and you have live chat.

Therefore, how to improve your sales funnel with the help of live chat?

Introducing the Sales Funnel

Generating sales online is a difficult process, and you need to nurture it. Consumers make online purchases only after doing massive research on a product or a service. Price, features, and specs are easily available online. So, they have a lot of time to spend seeking answers before making a buying decision. You need to implement a full spectrum of marketing and sales strategies to convert customers.

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If your customer service is on point, it can drive the sales process and move potential buyers through your sales funnel much more efficiently. Live chat gives you the ability to change the traditional sales process into a more enjoyable customer experience. It also gives you the ability to provide specific information in real time.

Creating a sales funnel is necessary for businesses that want better sales performance. With the right approach, businesses can create very effective sales funnels, but it takes a lot of time. A sales funnel is one of the crucial importance of every digital marketing strategy. It serves buyers to attract them towards your product. During the whole process, a big chunk of data is collected, enabling businesses to achieve more optimization on the customer journey. The sales funnel is made up of four steps.

Elements of the sales funnel

Picture 1. Elements of the sales funnel


This is the first step that a business takes to draw in customers through their sales funnel. The primary step is to identify a possible problem your customers have and offer them a solution.

Here, the goal is to build up your mailing list. This is where SEO can be quite handy, as people who find you organically will consider your company worthy. By having better awareness, you will have the higher the number of customers.


This phase begins when a person provides their email address to you. Also known as getting a lead. This is a starting point of drawing people down the funnel, where they are regularly updated via onboarding emails. Those emails contain various types of useful information. The point is to just make people click on your email links.

However, don’t go too far by sending too many emails. This can lead to compelling people, and then they unsubscribe from your email list. Therefore, be moderate with the emails and offer valuable information in it. This must increase the number of clicks.


This is the hardest part of the sales funnel. In this channel, your goal is to motivate people to make the purchasing decision. This is where you need to try numerous types of tactics to find the right one that will drive it to the sale. This stage depends on the previous two. It is necessary to think about the first steps of previous stages carefully and establish a funnel where people will be able to trust your brand.


This is the part where you directly make an offer to your customers. This part is determined about how effective your sales funnel is actually is. Here, in this stage, you actually see the number of conversion rates. Your leads will either step away or buy the product. It all depends on how much your persuasion tactics are good and how much value you have provided to your visitors.

Implementing Live Chat

Optimizing the sales funnel is a hard task. But, it’s a must. If just one step is lagging, the funnel will leak. One of the things you can include to fix up the hole of your funnel is live chat in the whole process. If we look at the traditional sales funnel, live chat sits at the intersection of Interest and Decision.

Someone who is scrolling on your site, and it’s interested in what you have to offer, might have few questions in his sleeve. Therefore, they want them to be answered before they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Your sales team should be ready to answer all pre-sale questions a customer has.

Paldesk, a live chat platform for online sales and support

Picture 2. Paldesk, an omnichannel communication platform

Improving the Sales Funnel

Live chat fits well in the whole sales funnel strategy. But, how useful is for each phase is different. It works better from one than another and its practicality differs.

In the Awareness phase, the implementation of live chat software can be great of use. People who first meet your website and your brand might want to ask some specific questions. And they expect to find someone to answer them. And that someone can be your team that is behind the live chat.

This can bring a higher number of visitors who are willing to leave their contact information, which will automatically increase your mailing list and qualify them as a lead. With live chat, sales reps can connect with and qualify leads within a couple of minutes. That’s because they’re able to quickly find out things like in what are they in your solution, what goals and objectives do you have etc.

In the Decision phase, you can implement live chat and greatly help people who are in the decision-making process. Before deciding, people like to gather as much information as possible. So, by giving them all the information they need, you significantly improve conversion rates and bring higher sales numbers for business.

Sometimes, buyers might have difficulty with the purchasing process. They might require technical assistance while making the purchase. So, by implementing live chat into the Action phase will do its job done. Your agents can easily guide a customer through the whole purchasing process. It’s well known that live chat makes higher conversation rates.

Website visitors are 82% more likely to convert to customers if they’ve chatted with you in the real-time. Indeed, you will need to increase your team capacity for a live chat software to work, and the funnel will be more efficient.


The results are in, adding live chat opportunities to your website can benefit your online presence. Most consumers now expect your business to be available 24/7. Success in adding live chat support, as in any other part of marketing, depends directly on the strategy you use during the implementation of it.

While live chat doesn’t replace email, phone or in-person communication, it complements these ways of communication well. So, it can help to enhance your sales pipeline management. Its usefulness for your sales funnel will highly impact your customers since agents can guide customers through all funnel phases.

Increase sales using live chat!

Increase Sales using Live Chat

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