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Reinventing a website or a brand, launching a new product or updating the old one with new features, expanding to a new market, having a flash sale.. Each of those acts are a big deal for both customers and companies. From a brand perspective, the first thing you’d want to do is to notify everyone and anyone about the amazing work you do. And most often, brands put all their strengths into advertising. Shiny banners, big stacks of $ investments on Google Advertising Network and Social Media advertising, but forget the most basic one – website announcement! 

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Each of the small and big changes you are making, is an advertising and announcement opportunity. The product itself can have a big upgrade and be the best of all the latest releases, your latest opening on the new market can be the most successful ones, but without a proper (website) announcement, how would anyone know about it?

What Are Website Announcements?

Website announcements are the pop-ups, website banners and every other type of message positioning hosted on the company website intended to catch the attention of the new and returning customers with important company news. 

Each product release, feature update or market entrance is an opportunity for a small launch campaign. But, what most brands forget about, is just how powerful and flexible their owned platforms are. 

Website announcements are great to invite existing customers and partners to check out the new website or a product and celebrate it with a brand by experiencing the new design. Same as to attract new potential customers and turn them into leads.

The Importance of Website Announcements

“Make sure the announcement is something your audience will genuinely care about, and that it achieves a certain quantifiable goal like driving visibility or attracting investors.”  – says Shama Kabani, founder and CEO of Marketing Zen Group, a full-service online marketing company.

A proper website announcement should always inspire action – the point is to deliver announcements in an impactful way that will drive people to your website. Because that is the primary goal, isn’t it? To get new visitors and new sales. 

According to the Daily Egg users spend less than 15 seconds on a website. “And that’s how long you have to capture someone’s attention on your website.”

So, use more visual elements in order to attract customers, more actionable words and CTAs, simply be creative – it will make a difference.

Tools and Platforms to Spread Your Announcements

As said previously, every announcement is an customer engagement  opportunity. Let’s explore how you can make the most out of it. 

1. Your Website 

Paldesk, a user-friendly omnichannel & live-chat software service has launched its feature Easy Pop-up. The Easy Pop-up module is an easily customizable popup widget that displays announcements and deals on the website.

With it, you can notify your website visitors about new offers or provide them important information without changing your site. Paldesk allows you to setup Easy-popup on your site and then use only the Paldesk dashboard to control all website notifications.

Installation is easy, simply copy-paste the code to your website.

Paldesk Easy Pop-up module

Picture 1. Paldesk Easy Pop-up module

2. Use Emails

Email still remains the main method of communication as it is the quickest, easiest and most effective. 

The announcement email is email companies send to contacts to communicate and inform them about the launch of a new product, new features, new release, or an upcoming event. 

They should include the name of the product/feature, launch date, the benefits that are offered to customers and CTA to Pre-order or Sign up. Email subject line should be catchy, the design simple and you can also use emojis to make emails more original, as they can express the company excitement.

Also, here is one more tip from Jotform that refers to editing an email signature: “Speaking of the effectiveness of e-mail, try the drip method by adding the announcement to your e-mail footer and every routine e-mail you send helps spread awareness.”

Read more on How To Write A Good Newsletter.

3. Use Social Media Channels

Your social media profiles are a great way to share website announcements and promote a website. And at the same time, companies can connect with customers. 

A good thing would be to schedule a couple of posts for every social media channel because promoting on many channels is certainly more effective. Plus, every customer can share the company’s post, which will definitely advertise the website announcements even more and extend the company’s reach. And don’t forget to share posts even before launching, and to continue sharing after a product has launched.

Make sure that images are included in announcements too as it is more appealing to customers and it will intrigue them. Such as behind-the-scenes images, feature images/screenshots, new home page screenshot. Or, post something like the picture below, where you will get bonus points for a lovely dog picture.

Announcement image example

Picture 2. Announcement image example

To effectively leverage social media channels, companies use different tools. We recommend Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media monitoring and scheduling tool that allows companies to manage many different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from one place. The tool is easy to set, posts are easily scheduled, and it measures what companies do on social media. Plus, with Hootsuite, companies can have better insight into social media activity. 


Picture 3. Hootsuite

One more tip – if you’re running a Twitter account, don’t forget to post more often as the post can quickly get lost among all others. 

4. Use Paid Social Media Advertising

For even more effective social media reach, companies also use paid social media advertising. It helps customers to get important information faster. The best social media channels to promote website announcements are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Did you know that Facebook has a feature called Custom Audiences that allows companies to upload their email list to Facebook? In that way, companies can instantly reach their target customers by creating targeted ads. Instagram has the same feature as it is owned by Facebook.

Twitter has a “Quick Promote” feature where tweets can be promoted just in a few clicks. One of the benefits of this feature is that it is integrated into Twitter analytics.

5. Use Video Content

According to Oberlo:

  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year
  • 8 out of 10 people have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand’s video
  • 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool

Pictures are great, but people are so much more into videos nowadays, as these statistics have shown. Video has simply become more convincing and highly visual. It is easier to watch a video about a product than to actually read it. And more people remember a video that a single text.

So record a video of website announcements, share them on all social media channels. You can use live video streams as well.

But also, let’s not forget that it also depends on the target market, so you just have to see what applies best for your customers.

Read all about Video Marketing Trends for 2021.

6. Use Blog Posts

Give customers the information they want by creating quality content on an update a company has made or about launched products. If a company has previously written an article about how to use that certain feature with detailed instructions, customers will certainly search for that one, and it is in company best interest to update or redirect that article to a new one. That kind of content will certainly be useful to all your current and future customers, and other people will promote it for sure.


Blog benefits

Picture 4. Blog benefits

And don’t forget – all previous and future content needs to be high-quality content.

Prepare FAQ Before Launching the Product

Customers will always have a bunch of questions. Especially when a new product is launched. And 67% of them prefer to have self-service options available on a company website.

For that reason, the best thing would be to prepare a FAQ section before the product launch. It will definitely help customers to quickly find all the information they are looking for in one place.

Simply, having an FAQ Page can save companies time and money, as it reduces the number of inquiries over helpdesk, and it can boost customer satisfaction.

Read more about it in our other article: FAQ Page – The Perfect Way to Power-Up Your Business.

A Few More Tips

Here are a few more tips that should be followed in order to attract more customers.

Improve SEO Before Launching a Product

To achieve the position in search engines that bring you more traffic, the website needs better SEO. So, using the right SEO strategy will definitely help when focusing on promoting the website. Cyberclick points out to focus on three optimizing areas: keywords, meta description and the first paragraphs of text.

Optimize Website Speed

Visitors don’t stay long on the website, and they surely will stay less if it takes too much time to reload the page; plus, optimizing website speed improves customer experience.

Consider Giveaways

Giveaways are great for motivating customers to visit the website, such as a photo caption contest. Give the products to a few chosen participants in return for sharing participation on social media. In that way, the word about the new release will spread quickly. Also, don’t forget to create catchy hashtags that everyone will use.

LEGO Twitter giveaway example

Picture 5. LEGO – Twitter Giveaway example

Be Aware of the Timing

The product you are preparing to launch is great and you can’t wait to share it with other people, but sharing it at the wrong time will definitely not help in brand promotion and in getting new leads. So avoid launching products near national holidays such as July 4th and be aware of the season you are launching the product.

Create a Pre-Launch “Coming Soon” Teaser Page

The teaser page is also a great way to attract visitors and it can be a great indicator to see if people are excited about the launch, and are you going in the right direction. It should definitely be implemented in the marketing process.

Prepare Your Customer Service Teams

Is there a better way to make an awesome first impression then by providing stellar customer service? So if you think you’ve got everything prepared for your brand new super cool product, customer service might be that one last touch that’s going to seal the deal.

So think of new omnichannel technologies, offer live chat support so that you customers can ask questions in real time and wow them with your promptness and friendly approach. 


Creating a hig-quality website for your business has a lot of benefits. The first step is always choosing a design which could reflect your company’s vision in the right way and to create SEO optimized content which will speak to your target audience. 

Once you’ve got that figured out and your audience starts clicking you can start following what actually works and invest your time into optimizing these, rather than investing exclusively in expensive advertisements. This is a more long term goal which will pay off quickly.


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