How to Set Measurable Customer Service Goals

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Want to keep your customers happy?

You need to set goals for your customer service team. First, they help with setting clear expectations for your employees. Second, they give a clear vision of perfect customer service.

But you know that these goals can work only if they’re realistic, clear, and match the goals of your business. This formula works not only for marketing and sales but for customer service, too.

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This article is here to help you create measurable, realistic customer service goals for your team. It’ll help those looking to improve customer support.

4 Ways to Set Customer Service Goals

1. Define How to Measure Customer Service Quality

Many of your competitors make a big mistake by setting simple, non-measurable goals. For example, they give their customer support team an instruction to “speed up response times” without actually defining the ideal response time.

We’re going to take a better approach to make your customer service better.

How exactly?

By using the key five customer service satisfaction metrics.

These ensure that your goals are measurable by introducing a measurable indicator. Take a look.


Customer Service Satisfaction Metrics

Key customer service satisfaction metrics

Picture 1. Key customer service metrics

Of course, these five metrics are completely measurable and created to help businesses measure the most important performance indicators.

Creating a measurable goal with these metrics is easy. Once you get acquainted with each metric (find a complete guide to all metrics at the end of this section), you’ll be able to come up with goals that make sense for your business.

But we’re going to help you with that, so let’s go to the next section.

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How to Set Realistic Goals

  • Involve every team member in goal-setting. Your team knows what it can/can’t do. Come up with your versions of goals and get feedback from them
  • Explain why a goal is right for your business. Share your thoughts about how you’ve chosen the goals to get a buy-in from the team
  • Be open to revisions. Revise your customer service goals until you and your team agree that they’re ambitious enough, achievable, and move your business forward.

Now, let’s quickly go over one example. Let’s suggest that your team has only three members but gets up to a hundred requests per day. You’d like to reduce the response time by 40 percent, which might not be possible, considering the team’s capabilities.

So, you need to set a more realistic but also ambitious goal of the 20 percent faster replies.

If reducing the average response time is indeed something you need to achieve, install a live chat widget on your website. It allows providing answers to customers within seconds, which resulted in it having the highest customer satisfaction rate of 73 percent.

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3. Focus on Individual Team Member Goals

Tracking the performance of each member of your team is essential to achieve all customer service goals. By doing so, you might discover issues and see areas for improvement.

Try establishing individual goals for every member to see how they apply to the whole team’s performance. These, of course, should also be measurable and appropriate for each role.

Need help with creating individual goals? Here are some examples for you.

  • Handle X customer interactions every day
  • Reduce the average response time to X minutes
  • Resolve X customer queries in [time period]
  • Reduce the average case handling time to X minutes
  • Increase customer satisfaction per agent to XX percent within [time period]

Setting these goals might be a fairly comfortable task, but tracking them is where businesses often struggle. You need to be able to monitor the performance of each team member and find out if he or she is on track to achieve their goals.

Live Chat App

A website live chat app is one of the best ways to do so. It works on any website, both custom and builder-based websites. Also, live chat comes with built-in analytics and reports for each operator, which allows performance tracking.

Paldesk live chat app, for example, has a Reports tab where you can view stats for each live chat agent’s activity. Among other useful indicators, you can learn:

  • How much time an operator spent online/offline
  • How many live chat conversions with customers an agent has resolved
  • The average conversation time
Paldesk reports making it easy to set customer service goals

Picture 2. Paldesk reports

Viewing customer service agent performance this way makes it easier for managers to track their activity, manage agents, and find opportunities for improvements. Ultimately, it will become easier to track the overall customer service goals, too.

Ultimately, having all these analytics will be useful for a customer service leader to manage the performance of the team. Since it’s possible to access them at any time, the leaders can also make changes as soon as issues occur.

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4. Provide Tools to Help Achieve Customer Service Goals

To make it possible – and easier – for your customer service team to achieve the goals you’ve set for them, give them technology. This doesn’t mean buying better headsets but investing in automation like chatbots and live chat.

Often, Customer service automation is falsely accused of “taking humanity out of customer support,” but the reality is pretty much different. About 40 percent of customers say they really don’t care if they “speak” to a human agent or chatbot, as long as they get their answers.

Setting customer service goals - Chatbot statistics

For businesses, chatbots have amazing benefits. You can pre-write answers to the most common customer questions and create a FAQ chatbot to provide them. Such a chatbot will take a lot of queries off the shoulders of your team.

That’s why chatbots are among the most important trends in customer support this year.

Next, another great automation tool is the live chat. It comes with canned responses, which are pre-written answers an agent uses to answer a customer’s question faster. Simply put, it’s a template you can customize and quickly use inside a live chat app.

An operator just needs to start typing a keyword from the response or its name and choose it. Just like that, they can generate a detailed answer without having to type it completely.

Canned responses

Picture 4. Paldesk canned responses

By using canned responses, your team members will be quick to answer questions and save a lot of time and stress from typing the same answers all over again. To keep the responses clear and avoid typos, you can use writing tools like BestWritingAdvisor, Hemingway Editor, or Grammarly.

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What’s Next?

Now you know how to set measurable goals and track them. This is a major step toward better customer service in your company. The most important thing to remember about making useful goals is to make them ambitious, realistic, and customer-centered.

By doing so, you’ll make customer service one of the drivers pushing your business forward. Check out the guide below to know how to make customer service your competitive advantage regardless of how competitive your market is.

Dorian Martin is a content writing pro responsible for content strategy at He loves sharing marketing and customer service advice with small businesses through guest posts and webinars. Currently, Dorian is working on a blog writing course for small businesses to help them sell more with SEO. 

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